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‘Timeless’ gave fans a true gift in ‘The Miracle Of Christmas’

Fans have said goodbye to Timeless (reluctantly) twice now, and I don’t doubt they’re reluctant to say it again. If December 20’s two-hour Timeless movie event really is the end of the show, Timeless fans received the perfect gift in “The Miracle Of Christmas Parts I & II.”

(Warning: Spoilers and lots of ’em)

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“The Miracle Of Christmas”, is a love letter from the producers and cast of Timeless to a fandom that’s been ride-or-die since the beginning. It even has a montage. Is there really any better present than a montage?

At the end of season 2, Rufus was dead, Lucy and Wyatt’s romantic prospects were toast, Jessica was pregnant with Wyatt’s baby (turns out she lied), Emma was running Rittenhouse, Garcia Flynn was part of the team and a potential love interest/spoiler for Lucy and Wyatt as a couple and, oh yeah, versions of Lucy and Wyatt from five years in the future had just shown up with an offer to save Rufus.

Wrapping all of that up in two hours while also telling two compelling historical stories and managing to avoid any sort of magical god mode fix is a miracle in itself. Maybe that’s why the name of the episodes is so perfect.

I mean, think about it.

We got Rufus back!

This alone wins an award for best use of a “two birds with one stone” solution.

Jessica Logan killed Rufus back in San Francisco in 1888. How do you save Rufus? You remove Jessica from the timeline and, voila, he can’t die in 1888 because Jessica never took Jiya there in the first place.

Of course, Rittenhouse went back in time and changed Jessica’s whole life, which included making sure she didn’t die in 2012. Enter Garcia Flynn who, in one hell of a selfless act, goes back in time to make sure Jessica dies, both saving Rufus and returning the timeline to one where Lucy and Wyatt’s relationship wasn’t suddenly doused in cold water when Jessica returned.

The fact that Rufus’ memories about Lucy and Wyatt diverge from everyone else’s after the trip to Hollywood was an especially nice touch because, as far as he knows, Jessica never came back when they returned from that trip.

Garcia Flynn is a frickin’ hero!

“You’re a hero, I promise. Maybe the greatest hero of us all… You are going to save history.” – Lucy Preston.

I know Garcy shippers wanted things to work out for Lucy and Flynn and, while things didn’t fall into place for the couple, Flynn got a hero’s ending. That’s not to say their romance wasn’t addressed and now we know how things might have gone. But there was something about Lucy coming back and giving Flynn’s entire storyline on the show a deeper context that felt so much more satisfying than a romance.

Plus, alternate timelines exist out there, as all good shippers know, and maybe somewhen Garcy saved the world together.

On a side note, you have to appreciate the writers adding an autopilot to the Lifeboat so anyone could fly it. Flynn wouldn’t have made it back there without it. Also, that note he left. My heart!

Battles leave scars and we don’t always get to save everyone

When you spend two seasons building up storylines that explore the costs of time travel and the very real effects of fighting bad guys like Rittenhouse, it can be hard to weave together events that would have likely taken seasons to be resolved, but somehow, the Timeless writing team managed it in a way that felt right. Mainly because there wasn’t some Deux ex Machina deployed that just fixed it all.

Jiya’s got scars and memories. Wyatt apologized to Rufus for his part in that, even if it’s not the Rufus who said he’d never forgive him. Jessica’s actions had consequences, as did Emma’s. Amy’s gone, Flynn never got his family back. Prices were paid.

As Lucy says, “Everybody loses someone that they love and no matter how badly they want to, they can’t get them back. And in spite of that, they find a way to go on.”

In a way, what Lucy says about people is true of fans, as well.

“Everybody loses shows that they love and no matter how badly they want to, they can’t get them back. And in spite of that, they find a way to go on.”

Glorious fan service

If this really is goodbye, and I’m not saying I’m ready to say goodbye, it really was a love letter to Timeless fans everywhere because everyone who worked on the show knows it’s the fans who made this two-hour movie possible.

First of all, Wyatt and Lucy finally became official in a way that felt earned. Between the heartfelt moments and long looks and kisses, both Lucy and Wyatt chose each other all over again given everything that’s happened. Oh and, they end up having twins named Flynn and Amy. (I DIED!)

Jiya and Rufus not only got their happy ending, but they started a foundation to help young scientists AND they’re both keeping an eye out for future time travel shenanigans. Speaking of which, thanks for leaving the door open should Timeless get picked up again. Plus, Rufus got his family back!

The Agent Christopher puns, not to mention her stress scarves and the fact that she and Connor Mason are still working together. The moments those two shared throughout the series are such a treasure.

But my favorite thing? At heart, Timeless has always been about the love of history and we not only get two historical time periods, but one of the people the team saves is a history teacher.

I know there are things I’ve failed to mention, but the truth is, I could go on and on about this because I loved it so much. Which is what I think everyone who made Timeless “The Miracle Of Christmas” was aiming for.

Maybe this really is goodbye. Maybe it isn’t. Either way, I think we can all say Timeless gave us the gift of happiness for the holidays.

Tell me that’s not the perfect gift?

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