It was a couple’s night on This is Us and we saw some of our favorite couples struggle to stay together but ultimately it was a second chance for everyone.

Kate’s temptation

The promo for this week’s episode was all about Kate and Toby’s relationship and how there might be a “love triangle.” I’ve already voiced my concerns about this show having too many love triangles, so it’s no surprise that this part of the episode was a little irritating.

Toby has a tendency to be a goof at the wrong times. That was made clear again when he showed up to Kate’s exercise camp making fun of the whole thing, and Kate did not take it well. Granted, he did give her his grandmother’s engagement ring which was adorable, but when Kate is trying to be serious Toby’s goofiness is more an annoyance than a charm, ring or not.

I guess the show was trying to make Kate’s annoyance with Toby reason enough to make her go for Duke but I just don’t buy it. At this point I feel like the audience is clearly yelling at Kate to stop doing what she’s doing, and to not enter cabin 13. Tonight’s cliffhanger has us all wondering what she ends up doing, and I really hope she makes the right choice.

That said, Kate hasn’t done anything with Duke to show she reciprocates those feelings. She’s clearly told Duke she’s not interested and she told Toby that she wasn’t interested either, so it could be that Duke is just trying to sabotage her relationship with Toby so he can take a shot.

But honestly? I wish this entire storyline wasn’t even a thing.

Cheater, cheater

Welp. We found out that the reason Kevin left Sophie, or part of the reason at least, is because he cheated on her. Despite this character flaw I still find myself hoping that he and Sophie get back together, and it’s probably just because they’re childhood sweethearts.

Tonight Kevin tried his hardest to try and win back Sophie for a second chance and it was the most adorable thing I’ve seen all week. He was smooth as heck when he went to their old favorite restaurant and he claimed their favorite booth, along with Sophie’s favorite food. No matter what movie or show it’s in, whenever a character goes all out to do things for their partner like that it makes my heart grow three times its size.

Luckily for Kevin Sophie did end up showing up at the restaurant despite dating a “really great guy.” So I guess the question on my mind now is, “What next?”

Will Kevin stop doing the play now because of Sloane and his budding romance with Sophie? How will Sloane react to seeing Kevin with yet another woman? I’m guessing it’s not going to end well but I’m really excited to find out!

Divorce is not the answer

Tonight we witnessed Jack and Rebecca struggle with their relationship as their closest friends announced they were getting a divorce. Seeing your friends breakup is always tough, but it’s tougher when you think if the same thing is happening to you.

At this point we still have no idea how Jack died or if he died while still in a relationship with Rebecca or not, so it was scary to see how their marriage may have been on the rocks. And it was a little alarming to see Jack and Rebecca be so distant with each other when there haven’t been any signs of trouble before.

We’ve seen the two of them get into arguments and fight but none of that seemed as big as their attitude with each other this week. Their flame was clearly burning out and when you put that alongside the news that Miguel was getting a divorce plus the fact that Rebecca and Miguel end up together, it all leads to some very reasonable doubts about Jack and Rebecca’s marriage.

Luckily, though, they stuck it out! Jack proved once again how wonderfully suited he is for the married life when he brought Rebecca to their first apartment and read his vows to her again, surrounded by lights and champagne. Husbands all around the country should be shaking in their boots right about now because Jack Pierson is showing them all up.


This was not a good week for Randall. On top of losing half of his accounts to his rival at work he’s been in a major denial about his father’s cancer. Who can blame him?

I can hardly speak from experience, but it’s evident that having a family member with a terminal illness is one of the most stressful things you can ever go through. You’re fighting to keep strong for them, for your family and for yourself and sometimes you have to fight yourself to keep it all together.

Randall didn’t want Beth to talk to their daughters about death because talking about it made it more real, and it was tough to see him struggle with that. Was it the right choice to bring a dying man into his kids’ lives? I think most of us can agree that it was.

In the end Randall was able to get through his denial and let his wife prepare their kids for William’s death, and I think it was just the tiniest sneak peek into what we’ll end up seeing when the day comes that William passes away.

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