This Is Us continues to impress us week after week, but even the best shows have weak spots. Is their plan for Kate and some other guy really a good idea? It also made us realize just how many love triangles are happening…

I hate love triangles. They’re frustrating and they always split up fan bases into huge shipping wars (don’t get me started on The Vampire Diaries). So why is it that This Is Us has to shove them in our faces twice, maybe even three times?

That’s right, there are possibly up to three love triangles happening in the show’s first 14 episodes. I don’t know about you, but that seems a little much to me. It’s hard enough watching a show with one complicated love triangle.

You might be confused about who I’m talking about, so I’ll lay it out for you. Let’s start with the blatant advertisement for the love triangle we’re about to see this week.

Toby, Kate, and douchebag Duke

You know it’s going to be annoying when even the trailer for this week’s episode calls out a love triangle. As I mentioned in last week’s recap, seeing Kate receiving advances from some random guy so soon after being engaged makes me want to slap some sense into her.

So far there hasn’t been much doing on Kate’s part to really solidify this whole love triangle thing but I’m not liking the flirty vibes Duke is giving, along with the fact that we’re straight up told there’s going to be drama in their relationship in the commercial.

Toby already had to go through being dumped, taken back, having a heart attack and another major heart surgery. Does he really need to deal with the possibilities of his recently engaged-to fiancé cheating on him?! It feels like this relationship hasn’t had a chance to take a breath and relax. What with the weight loss goals and all the health scares, these poor kids might die of stress before they even get to say, “I do!”

I’d really like to see their relationship bloom for once, and be an example to Kevin on what a relationship should look like.

Kevin, Sophie, Olivia, Sloane, etc.

Speaking of Kevin, this one is a doozy because we were introduced to someone we never even knew existed: Kevin’s ex-wife! We found out that he was married to someone for 12 years and then left, not to speak to her again. Clearly Kevin has quickly gotten over Olivia and Sloane.

I’m so torn over this storyline. On one hand I absolutely love the depth this brings to Kevin and the history we have so much to learn from. I’m excited to see Sophie and Kevin’s past and watch how they fell in love as kids and teenagers. Childhood sweethearts have always been a weak spot for me since Cory and Topanga in Boy Meets World, so naturally I’m already rooting for Sophie.

On the other hand, what was the point of Sloane and Olivia!? We, as an audience, have built up a rapport with Sloane and we were on her side when Kevin had to choose between her or Olivia, but suddenly all of that has been thrown out the window. And for what?

Kevin has established he’s not the best with women or relationships. He left a woman for twelve years, fell for a total diva bitch and accidentally insulted his relationship with Sloane by staying with her because it’s the “right thing to do, even if it’s not what you want.” Clearly this guy needs a life coach or something to step up his game.

Here’s hoping that with the few episodes we have left this season Kevin’s arc is used to carve out a deep, honest connection with one woman instead of something insubstantial with others.

Rebecca, Jack and … Miguel?

Let me get this out there first: I don’t trust Miguel one bit, so my opinion of this whole situation may be totally biased.

When we first found out that Miguel was the man Rebecca was married to in the present day I was thoroughly confused, upset and trying to figure it all out. Did Rebecca and Jack get a divorce? How did he end up with Rebecca? When did he start getting with her?

I know I’m not the only one who distrusts the guy, or at least I hope I’m not. There’s just something fishy about that whole relationship and we haven’t had much time to bond with Miguel as much as we did with Jack. The only person I know that doesn’t like Miguel as much as I do is Kevin.

Kevin’s clearly not a fan of Miguel and there could be so many reasons why. Maybe he feels like Miguel is trying to replace his dad, or he knows something we don’t about his relationship with Rebecca. I don’t know why Kevin doesn’t like him but I know the fact that he does is enough for me to stand on his side.

As cruel as this may sound I really hope it’s Jack’s death that brings Rebecca and Miguel together, because I absolutely cannot handle another love triangle in this dang show!

Do you think there are too many love triangles in ‘This Is Us’?

Now you see where I’m coming from and hopefully understand why I hope this whole love triangle promo is a ploy. Please, please be a ploy.

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