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‘The West Wing’: The Hypable staff remembers

Josh Lyman

By Hypable Staff Writer: Marama Whyte

White House Deputy Chief of Staff: If C.J. was the heart of The West Wing, then Josh was the soul. On the outside he was a pragmatist, but underneath that attack dog exterior was a slightly broken man searching for approval. Josh felt everything so deeply and so personally, and as a result, so did we. He made more than his share of mistakes; in fact he was often the most frustrating character. But try watching “In the Shadow of Two Gunmen” or “Noel” without crying your eyes out for him. This was in large part due to Bradley Whitford, whose show-stealing performance was one of the reasons the role of Josh was expanded, and became a focal part of the show. Of a cast of liberal idealists, Josh was perhaps the biggest dreamer of them all. It was no coincidence that after everyone else had left, Josh was still there, trying to change the world.

Favorite Quote:
Josh: “If you were in an accident, I wouldn’t stop for a beer.”
Donna: “If you were in an accident, I wouldn’t stop for red lights.”

Although Donna gets the punchline, this conversation absolutely sums up Josh and Donna’s relationship, which was a cornerstone for The West Wing, and Josh’s character.

Favorite Scene/Episode: As the Deputy Chief of Staff, Josh is given a special card from the NSA that tells him where to go if there is a nuclear attack. When Josh realizes that he has been singled out from the rest of the staff, who were not given a card, he decides that he can’t accept it and in one of his most moving speeches, gives it back to the President.

What is your favorite ‘The West Wing’ memory?

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