1:18 pm EDT, June 3, 2014

‘The West Wing’: The Hypable staff remembers

Toby Ziegler

By Hypable Staff Writer: Richard Reid

White House Communications Director: Toby is a sad, miserable bastard, and I love him for it. He’s often the sole voice of reason, of stability, and of annoyance to President Bartlet. He doesn’t suffer fools gladly, possesses a sharp political mind on par with Joshua Lyman, and is ridiculously self-righteous. Perhaps more importantly, he’s a realist. Never foolishly optimistic, he ensures Sam, the President and Josh to stay grounded and on track; Bartlett relies on Toby to tell him no, even if he doesn’t want to hear it.

One of The West Wing’s greatest blunders is when they brutally hacked Toby’s character in the final season, having him perform an action that was contrary to 6 years of character development. In spite of that, Toby’s loyalty to the President, to Sam, and to his political beliefs make him arguably the most patriotic character in the series.

Perhaps most enjoyable is his ruthlessly cutting wit, evident from the pilot episode. “I’m going to make a suggestion which might help you out, but I don’t want this gesture to be mistaken for an indication that I like you.”

Favorite Quote:“I don’t know from where you get the idea that taxpayers shouldn’t have to pay for anything of which they disapprove. Lots of ’em don’t like tanks… even more don’t like Congress.” Toby Ziegler – reiterating why the allocation of NEA grants aren’t subject to public approval.

Favorite Scene/Episode: In season 1, episode 18, Toby has to put up with Mandy’s bizarre request for replacement pandas.

Favorite Guest Star: Ron Silver as Bruno Gianelli, the Campaign Manager for President Bartlet’s second term was wise, ruthless, and discreet. He is the master of reading the polls and giving the public what they need to hear for his candidate to win.

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