The Walking Dead season 7 is about to come to an end, and as usual it’s expected there will be an end to someone’s life as well.

Whenever a season finale of The Walking Dead rolls around, fans expect someone to die. To keep things interesting the writers are always looking to shake things up and shock their fans by killing off a character. The bigger the character, the bigger impact there will be. With that in mind, fans are always left anxious debating who might be next to go.

Now the question is just who will be the one to die. I’ve already written extensively on why I believe Sasha will be dying and so far my predictions have gone pretty smoothly. Sasha has now been taken prisoner by the Saviors and in the most recent episode she was nearly raped only to be saved by Negan. But that doesn’t mean that he’s going to keep her around forever. Instead it seems like he’ll be using her as a type of bait to get to Rick.

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Even though I’m sure that Sasha is going to die, I’m worried that she might not be the only one. In the storyline she follows from the comics others die too. And since Negan and Rick are about to head to war with one another it’s not far fetched to say that there will be other casualties.

I think it’s going to come down to how much of an impact the writers want to make. If they want to really mess with our heads there will be more than one death. If they’re satisfied that Sasha’s death will be enough for the storyline then she may be the only one we have to say goodbye to in the The Walking Dead season 7 finale.

With Hilltop still not officially on Rick’s side, I think they could use a death from that camp to launch Maggie into leadership. That could mean that Gregory will die or someone else. Of course, they could also wait to tackle that story until season 8.

Or if they really wanted to shock us, another death could be totally random and throw us all off. It’s been a while since it seemed like a death on the series came out of nowhere.

Vote below on who you think could die, and comment below on why!

‘The Walking Dead’ season 7 finale airs April 2 at 9 p.m. ET on AMC!

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