The Walking Dead season 7, episode 13, “Bury Me Here,” has resulted in two more characters being killed. Find out what happened here!

It comes as no surprise that more characters are going to be killed as the war against Negan approaches. Though the circumstances around these two were quite sad, even though fans had only recently met the characters. The episode set up the moment for being even more powerful by featuring the characters in questions more than usual.

The group should have known something was about to go wrong when they discovered the grave that was marked with a sign saying, “Bury me here.” But even though the character that was ready to die was among them, he didn’t speak up at the time.

Ezekiel and the others from the Kingdom met with the Saviors for their routine pickup of food. It’s not surprising that there was trouble, given how much tension has occurred with each meeting. The situation got even worse when the Saviors demanded that the group also turn over their guns as part of the tribute. It is sad to learn that the death could have been avoided if Richard had behaved himself.

The Kingdom was supposed to deliver 12 melons to the Saviors, but when one was missing the Saviors announced that they needed to teach them a lesson. Jared didn’t hesitate to pull a gun on Richard, who was unemotional about it. It’s not surprising that Richard had purposely hidden the melon, hoping to cause a fight. It was shocking when Jared decided to shoot Ben instead of Richard, though.

The Saviors wouldn’t let Ezekiel leave right away, and even though Morgan tried to bandage the wound Ben was quickly losing blood. Once they finally sped away, they only made it as far as Carol’s house. Yet there wasn’t much that could be done at that point, he’d lost too much blood. The poor young man, who was the sole caretaker of his younger brother, bled to death from the gunshot in his leg.

When Morgan realized that Richard was behind the melon missing and went a bit crazy. Richard had hoped to be the one to be killed so that Ezekiel would be inspired to fight the Saviors. Instead he caused Ben’s death. But Richard still tries to convince Morgan that it was all for a good reason and that they need to go after the Saviors.

Richard gets what he wanted in the end, and Morgan strangles him to death in front of Ezekiel and the Saviors when they go to drop off the next day. Everyone seemed to in shock to move or say anything, and listened silently as Morgan explained what Richard did. Morgan also buries Richard in the grave that he had dug earlier, along with the backpack that said “Katy.” Presumably it was from one of his family members.

Afterwards, Morgan stopped by to see Carol and told her what happened with Richard as well as what happened in Alexandria. Carol ended up discussing the Saviors with Ezekiel later, and he had come to the conclusion that they did need to fight back. Together, they help Ben’s little brother plant a new garden. It looks like Carol can’t avoid helping others no matter how hard she tries.

What did you think about Ben and Richard’s deaths on ‘The Walking Dead’?

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