The Walking Dead actor Dallas Roberts teases fans ahead of the season 3 finale and calls the finale “will be stronger, crazier and you won’t see it coming.”

The Walking Dead star Dallas Roberts, who is usually one of the quieter members of the cast has spoken about the upcoming season 3 finale of The Walking Dead in an interview with ETOnline. Dallas Roberts stars as Milton Mamet, one of the latest inclusions to season 3 of The Walking Dead, and serves as The Governor’s right hand man, studying Zombies.

Roberts doesn’t reveal too much about the finale, but when pressed on what fans would expect for the season finale, Roberts commented that the finale “will be stronger, crazier and you won’t see it coming” and that there will be “millions of mouths agape.”

But, what does Roberts think about the characteristics shown thus far by Milton? His loyalty is unquestionable, but could there be room for Milton to grow into a character similar to The Governor?

Roberts comments, “I think The Governor commands respect and power with force and brutality and whatever is necessary. I don’t think Milton wants to get into fisticuffs with the guy, but they’re passed that. They’ve lived together a while and built Woodbury from just a group of survivors to a thriving town. Milton will never be the top dog, but The Governor allows him to eat the scraps from the Top Dog’s table.”

But, Roberts thinks his character goes beyond just feeding off The Governor’s scraps, and that his loyalty extends to those people who are living within Woodbury. Roberts says, “I think once you have a rational human being who can understand the idea of sacrifice for the greater good, that person would lay down his life. I don’t know if he will or will not, but it poses interesting questions about what happens once you’ve allowed people to flourish in awful situations.”

What do you think of Milton Mamet so far in season 3 of The Walking Dead? Could Milton become integral for the latter stages of season 3 and spring a surprise that Rick won’t see coming? He does study these Zombies after all.

Be sure to check out The Walking Dead on AMC this Sunday at 9pm ET/PT for the episode, “Clear.

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