Steven Taylor

Hello, I'm Ste and I'm a Film & Television graduate from Aberystwyth University in rural Wales, UK at the elderly age of 23.

Since October 2012 I've been a staff writer for Hypable.com and I've been covering Homeland, Dexter and Modern Family, and also pitching in with other fandoms when I can.

I am obsessed with some of the big hitting American dramas and always try and keep as up to date I can whilst juggling a busy schedule around work, friends and family.

Aside from work and Hypable, I'm an avid cyclist (when it's not raining!) and I play 5-a-side football, or "soccer" as the Americans think it's called! Silly, silly Americans...

If you like my work make sure you hit me up on Twitter (@stevenjtay) and make sure you follow @Hypable for the very best and latest fandom coverage.