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‘The Good Place’ season 3 premiere hints: So life is gonna be this way

Can’t wait to see what goes down in The Good Place season 3 premiere? Here are a few hints to tide you over until life begins again!

In an hour-long premiere titled “Everything is Bronzer,” The Good Place season 3 takes us to a realm we’ve rarely seen before — Earth. As in, actual, real, living Earth. But living or dead, some things never change, and once back on terra firma… well, let’s just say that hijinks ensue.

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What brings us together

As The Good Place season 3 premiere begins, Eleanor, Chidi, Tahani, and Jason have all been set loose back on Earth. With their memories wiped, each former denizen of the Bad Place is now unknowingly tasked with taking their moral strides in the afterlife and translating those gains into reality.

It’s an epic moral experiment! Science! What could go wrong?

Well, as Eleanor’s experience in the finale of season 2 made clear, changing one’s moral nature isn’t exactly a walk in the park. Luckily, it turns out that our four far-flung un-deadeds still have a thing or two in common; this becomes a central point of “Everything is Bronzer,” and allows the season 3 premiere to stretch its emotional muscles in some touchingly hilarious ways.

Of course, this also facilitates…

Michael, overboard

While our favorite reforming demon of punishment has always been a little bit… let’s call it extra, The Good Place season 3 premiere escalates matters considerably. A man — er, being — with big dreams and high hopes, Michael is perhaps ill-suited by design to set the wheels of fate in motion and then sit back and watch them spin.

No, Michael wants to be involved. Michael needs to be involved, especially now that his four adorable humans have been saved and set loose on reality to earn a spot in the Good Place for once and for all. And that’s where most of the action starts in “Everything is Bronzer,” as Michael inches further away from wisdom and into the tangled web of season 3.


Meanwhile, down in Australia, Eleanor and Chidi settle into an arrangement that will feel very familiar to fans of The Good Place. But “Everything is Bronzer” tosses one very specific (and genuinely charming) wrench into the way we might expect things to go.

Life, it turns out, has a lot more variables than either the Good Place or the Bad Place. Chidi’s road to personal redemption in the land down under is not the same as it may have been in the afterlife. After all, what’s soulmate really?

Bugs in the system

If there’s one thing we’ve learned from The Good Place, it’s that even the most secretive secrets of the cosmos usually have someone listening at the door. Janet (who may now need to be referred to as “Poor Janet!” as she has her own problems to deal with) may be an AI, but she is much more cognizant of this possibility than Michael is… and, as the closing moments of The Good Place season 3 premiere reveal, for very good reason.

Lesson: Listen to Janet. (Promise: No one will listen to Janet.)

Bonus hint: Blueberries are evil.

The Good Place season 3 premiere, “Everything is Bronzer,” airs on Thursday, Sept. 27 at 8:00 pm on NBC.

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