2:35 pm EDT, September 12, 2018

‘The Good Place’ season 3 sneak peek reveals a forking miracle

The first few minutes of The Good Place season 3 have been released online, clarifying exactly what went down in last seasons’s finale.

The Good Place returns to brighten our timeline in just a few weeks, but exactly where will Eleanor, Chidi, Tahani, and Jason be when the lights come back on?

The Good Place season 2 finale left fans on what you might call an existential cliffhanger (literally!), with torture-demon-turned-cheerleader-for-humans Michael arbitrating a mysteriously sweet deal for his four charges. Eleanor, we saw, was seemingly returned to the land of the living to change her life… but was it real, or merely a simulation? And how would any of that really work, anyway?

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The first few minutes of the hourlong premiere of The Good Place season 3 reveal the answers to these questions, and open up a huge array of possibilities (and in-story pitfalls) for our favorite dead, maybe-dead, and immortal humanoid beings.

The The Good Place season 3 premiere clip reveals that, holy shirtballs, it’s true! Eleanor, Chidi, Tahani, and Jason all appear to have returned to gosh darned, life-living existence. After a friendly chat with The Doorman and careful study of The Key To All Creation, Michael zips into the land of the living and saves his four charges from the original gruesome fates that landed them in the Bad Place to begin with.

Of course, as a recently-reformed torture demon, Michael can’t help but geek out over the small torments that fill our daily lives here on earth. (Yes, Michael, traffic is right up your alley.) But with the course of time changed and his four humans unleashed back into their earthly confines, we get the sense that Michael may have bigger things on his plate than some monstrosity from a Pizza Hut/Taco Bell hybrid before very long.

The Good Place season 3 premiere, “Everything is Bronzer,” airs on Thursday, Sept. 27 at 8:00 p.m. on NBC.

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