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‘The Bold Type’ love triangle: Should Jane be with Pinstripe or Ben?

By Brittany Lovely | Edited by Donya Abramo

Pinstripe or Ben? Which The Bold Type ship should sink or sail? We made a pro-pro list to help us figure it out.

The Bold Type is full of empowering stories for young women in the workforce. Sutton, Kat, and Jane (and Jacqueline!) are delivering some of the best takedowns of stereotypes, tackling hard-hitting storylines with elegance and grace, and displaying what is perhaps the healthiest example of female friendship I’ve ever seen on television.

But I can’t help going weak in the knees for a good love triangle. I can be rooting for Jane’s professional and love life, right? So, who should it be — Pinstripe or Dr. Ben? Let’s go to the pro-pro list.

‘The Bold Type’ pro-pro list: Pinstripe versus Ben

Pro: Pinstripe

The Bold Type Pinstripe cafe

  1. Loves his job (and is quite good at it)
  2. Has motivation and drive
  3. Can pull off the “looking up at you with puppy dog eyes” look in ALL conversations
  4. Not afraid to have a bit of fun with your friends
  5. Can get you to address the issues that you are avoiding
  6. Knows how to give you what you want in the bedroom… and asks!
  7. Looks really good in leather jackets
  8. Appreciates ambition, not intimidated
  9. Persistent!

Pinstripe, I mean, Ryan, has a lot to offer. On paper he is a driven writer who is willing to take a stringer job to pay the bills when work is limited. He can find a story and an buried lead almost anywhere — including in Jane. While Jane is a pretty candid person, there is something about Pinstripe that allows her to let her thoughts and opinions flow without filter. And, Ryan appreciates her candor.

However, their first go at a relationship was not smooth sailing. Wax play, threesomes, while it was all fodder for clicks, but it was also adding another notch to his bed post each night. Unless Jane wanted to be the subject of Pinstripes sex page, they would have to see other people.

Now that her sex life is likely off the table for content development his Pinstripe articles, Ryan may be able to give Jane what she wants. Maybe he should share a few pages of his novel… if he is actually writing one.

In the immediate aftermath of being let go from Pinstripe due to layoffs, Jane saw another side of him. He let loose with her friends, drinking, dressing up, playing along with their quiz writing as Jane faced a major career change looming on the horizon.

The Bold Type Jane Pinstripe

To his faults, I’ll say he is a bit pretentious and knows that he is good at what he does. Can Jane and Ryan really handle two people so similar in a relationship? Would it make for a good challenge or a bloodbath when it comes to job openings? For now he seems willing to help. But what if Ryan and Jane go head-to-head?

And will he ever be open to anything more than a fling? They didn’t really try at a relationship, but Jane seems to think that she has him all figured out. Perhaps there is someone who does want more buried under that living on a whim persona he puts on for the masses.

But, that charm is hard to resist. Especially when he seems to be around all the time.

Pro: Dr. Ben

The Bold Type Dr Ben dance

  1. Passionate about his work and the importance of making a difference
  2. Finds unexpected ways to continuously give back
  3. That accent
  4. Career stability
  5. Not afraid to talk through the tougher issues
  6. Likes to have intimate evenings of take out and Scrabble
  7. Looks really good in a white coat
  8. Not opposed to a physical relationship
  9. Supports your ambitious dreams

Dr. Ben is relatively new on the scene, but started out in almost the same way Pinstripe did — with a Scarlet-driven introduction. He’s a doctor who first came to the United States with his mother and put himself through college and med school. Ben started out a bit uncomfortable in the Scarlet photoshoot, but when he is in his element (you know, saving lives and delivering babies) he is a natural.

Ben’s ability to talk others through difficult times makes him the perfect sounding board for Jane in this moment. He embraces her drive and passion to follow her dream of being a writer and offers a hand when she needs an interview subject.

Jane is a bit put-off by his faith, but instead of dismissing her concerns, he hears Jane out and allows her to feel what she needs to. Although this is only their first road bump, it seems the pair are relatively good at navigating uncomfortable topics by addressing them early and thoroughly.

While we and Jane are seeing Ben quite a bit now, will his job interfere in the future? Doctors are always on call including nights, weekends, and holidays. He is delivering babies, working in the clinic, handling all of his own paperwork. Plus, Jane’s career path might take her away to parties, events, maybe even travel depending on where she lands.

Their schedules may soon pose a scheduling nightmare. Sometimes texting isn’t enough.

Then again, just look at his smile.

The Bold Type Dr Ben first meet

Who should Jane be with? Pinstripe and Jane are almost too alike on paper. Ben and Jane have an understanding of one another’s passions, but will they get the better of them when it comes to time and attention?

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The Bold Type airs Tuesdays at 8:00 p.m. ET on Freeform.

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