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What other TV shows can learn from Freeform’s ‘The Bold Type’

By afierra

We need to talk about The Bold Type and why other TV shows and networks need to take notes.

In case you’ve been living under a rock, The Bold Type is Freeform’s latest women-empowering hit TV series, and they just began their second season (read Hypable’s review!). It follows 3 women trying to navigate their lives in New York City while pursuing their dreams.

However, this is not your average rom-com. With each new storyline they are taking groundbreaking strides on television, and it is by far one of the most intersectional feminist pieces of media out there. Unlike most series on TV right now, The Bold Type genuinely seems to care about their audience and its characters.

Each episode works to dismantle another unhealthy trope, cliche, and stereotype, and absolutely none of it feels forced. It’s amazing what can get accomplished when you respect both your viewers and the people being brought to life on screen, and it all starts in their writers room.

The Bold Type’s writers room isn’t filled with a bunch of straight, white, men who only include LGBT characters and address social issues they have no experience with, for the sole purpose of being trendy and increasing ratings.

TBT’s cast and crew is filled with people of a multitude of races, sexualities, and genders. It should be like that everywhere, but unsurprisingly, media is still largely dominated by white men with little to no knowledge of what it’s like to fall outside of societal norms. Representation is so important, but authentic representation is vital. Don’t just bring in women and writers of color when it’s convenient. Hire them full-time and listen to their stories. Maybe if there was more diversity behind the script, show-runners wouldn’t run out of ideas for characters and just kill them off. Freeform’s The Bold Type knows that.

The Bold Type season 2

Every storyline breaks the boundaries of what we’ve seen on TV, and it just continues to get better. Season 1 alone addressed the heavy and thought-provoking topics of sexuality, immigration, intersectionality, breast cancer, sexual assault, and more. Not more than 1 episode into season 2 and they’re already taking on slut-shaming in the work place and the importance of honest journalism.

Not to mention there’s been an oral sex scene between 2 women, a biracial, queer woman of color and a muslim lesbian. What other TV show can say they’ve done that or even have well-written, diverse characters to do that with? It was also just released that this season will include an episode on gun control, which will start much-needed conversations between both the characters on screen and the viewers. It is things like this that make The Bold Type both exceptional and revolutionary.

Not only are important topics addressed and incorporated into the plot, it’s done so in a healthy and positive way. There are many TV shows on air right now that have LGBT characters and relationships, but how many of them can say their queer romance is at the forefront? Kat and Adena, a fan-favorite couple, are championing the way for good representation.

Not only are they the main pairing, they’re also treated with respect and shown interacting more than once every few episodes. What a concept, right? Women, people of color, and the LGBT community don’t just deserve whatever representation is thrown their way, they deserve quality content.

The list of reasons other networks need to start taking notes is utterly endless. If you’re looking for a show that portrays healthy friendships and relationships, shows women how to empower other women, and takes on the issues and subject matter no one else dares to, look no further. The Bold Type has it all.

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