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‘The 100’ season 5 trailer: Breaking down that Octavia and Madi moment

By Kristen Kranz | Edited by Donya Abramo

While there were a plethora of moments we could write thousands of words about when it comes to that incredible The 100 season 5 trailer, there was one scene that definitely stood out to us.

Thanks to the months and months of waiting for this collection of season 5 bombshells (otherwise known as the trailer), it’s hard not to watch this thing on an endless loop, as every time you watch, you’re bound to see something new or in a different way than you did the last time. At least, that’s been my experience.

One bit in particular that I cannot get out of my head is the scene between Octavia and Madi. So far, the only interactions we’ve seen Madi have are with Clarke, and maybe a bit or two with one of the new baddies descending on the valley. So, to see her suddenly on my screen in front of Octavia was a jolt to my system.

Add in the line, “I know what it’s like to be the girl under the floor,” and you’ve got me hooked.

Since the pilot, Octavia has found it hard to relate to just about everyone. How could anyone possibly understand what it’s like to be a criminal just for being born? She’s counted on her brother for the familial bond that has both grown stronger and suffered serious blows in the last couple seasons. She’s found love, friends, and allies in the Grounders, because at least they know what its like to survive against all odds, but her actually having someone she can see herself in? Color me anxious.

Anxious to see her have someone she can actually relate to. Someone young enough to teach. Someone possibly earnest enough to learn what it takes to be the leader that Wonkru truly needs. Jason Rothenberg shared at SDCC last summer that Clarke, Octavia, and Bellamy will ultimately undergo the biggest changes in season 5, so we know Octavia’s time in the bunker changes her, and from what we’ve heard, it won’t be for the better. Could Madi be the one to keep Octavia from going too far?

One way for Octavia to be yanked out of the spiral of darkness we’ve been forewarned of, would be for her to have hope that her reign as Commander could come to an end. If she sees that Madi could be the rightful heir to the throne, that hope could maybe pull some of the darkness out of Octavia’s spirit and remind her who she is outside of being the Commander.

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And it makes total sense that Madi would be the only one possible to do just that. She clearly hid away through all the nightblood madness in season 3, and while we may not know her reasons, we can definitely cook up some of our own. If she’s pre-adolescent in season 5, that means that season 3’s timeline would have had Madi as young as 3 or 4 years old? Who could blame her parents for hiding her away from the world for fear that their daughter would be stolen away and have the weight of her people’s future thrust upon her shoulders?

And Octavia can definitely relate to that pressure. The pressure to stay hidden and be kept a secret from the world. I am beyond excited to see Octavia meet a girl that knows exactly the kinds of things she suffered through as a child. Her experience has been unique so far, but the bond that could form between her and Madi could be life changing for Octavia Blake.

And who knows, maybe having a true nightblood back on the throne could unite Wonkru in a way they haven’t been able to on their own. It could happen.

“You don’t have to be afraid anymore.” The final part of Octavia’s line to Madi. Clearly Madi is coming out of hiding. She’s no longer going to have to fear her nightblood. Is it because she’s going to embrace her birthright and become the Commander? Is it because there are more nightbloods somewhere and Madi won’t be alone? Is it because Octavia has shared her story, and Madi doesn’t have to fear being different anymore?

I would remiss if I didn’t put away my desperate positivity to consider that Octavia’s aims could be less than honorable here. She could be using Madi. She could be manipulating her to get better control over Wonkru. We know what Octavia Blake is capable of pre-season 5, and since her story is destined to dive deep into the well of darkness, she might not have the best intentions here.


And while I choose to remain hopeful about this scene (after all, Madi doesn’t look too terrified or anything), we also have to keep in mind the Clarke of it all. The trailer reminds us that Clarke has spent the better part of six years bonding with Madi. She’s become family to our girl wonder, and that is definitely not going to mesh well with Octavia’s plans, no matter what they are. Clarke knows the burden of leadership. Would she want her loved one to suffer that burden? Does she even know what Octavia’s up to?

So, so many questions, and we won’t get answers until The 100 returns on April 24, 2018. I cannot wait to see what this season has in store for us, and am beyond anxious to kick the season 5 journey off already. Is it April, yet?

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