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‘The 100’ season 5: Video interviews with Eliza Taylor, Bob Morley, Richard Harmon and more from SDCC 2017

The 100 season 5 is getting closer, and the stars of the CW drama attend SDCC to preview what lies ahead!

Hypable caught up with the stars at SDCC to discuss their thoughts on The 100 season 5, the time jump, relationships, and much more!

Bob Morley — Bellamy Blake

Hypable asks Morley how he thinks Bellamy will change after the time jump, and he says, “In the script I got to have a look at, I’ve gotta try to figure out who he’s become over those six years. When we start shooting I’ve still gotta see where he’s developed and grown as a person. And I’m kind of getting my head around that at the moment.”

He points out that “we’ve only seen him during war time where the stakes have been super high,” but, presumably, “there’s been six years where they’re not at war. I don’t know what he’s like as a pacifist.”

Morley further believes that Bellamy, having taken Clarke’s head/heart advice to heart, “has become quite a good leader,” especially with Raven by his side. “I think the whole group up there work well as a team. And the challenge is figuring out what’s going on on the ground.”

We’ll also see the Echo/Bellamy relationship develop, as a result of them being similar and her understanding something about his relationship to Octavia. “That’s definitely gonna dictate a lot of who he is this season.”

It seems like we can expect to see a very different Bellamy in The 100 season 5!

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Richard Harmon — John Murphy

Similarly to Morley, Harmon also talks about how little time he’s had to get to know this essentially new version of Murphy.

“You can obviously expect him to either grow or regress, especially with how the situation is in space right now,” he says. “He’s so used to thriving under pressure, and now he doesn’t have that. There’s no bad guy, there’s no knife at his neck every day. Now it’s just day-to-day life for him, and I don’t know how Murphy’s gonna take that.”

Harmon says he would love to explore more of the relationship with Raven (Lindsey Morgan), explaining, “I think we have really good chemistry on screen, there’s this weird fire between [the characters], since the apology and forgiveness that she gave me… I’m really curious to see how the six years have changed us.”

He also drops a curious tidbit about the first episode of season 5, which he describes as, “just kind of catching up.”

Finally, as for what he’d like to see for Murphy in the future, Harmon says, “I wanna see him finally start accepting himself as everyone else kinda had at the end of season 4. Stop sabotaging himself.”

Chris Larkin — Monty Green

Game-changer: Larkin begins by asking us a question! When asked how Monty has changed after the time jump, he says he actually hasn’t read the 501 script yet to avoid accidentally spoiling things, but “I’m hoping that Monty has taken the time to live a nice, peaceful existence. I think he’s earned it.”

He brings up the Monty/Harper relationship too, saying, “I think that’s still going. Even if they didn’t make it, I hope they gave it their all, I think they earned that. And I do think she is his only real life-line now that Jasper’s gone. But you never know. Six years is a long time.”

We ask him who else he’d like to grow closer to or align himself with, and he says, “first gut response is Echo, only because they have no relationship,” he says. “Emori maybe? Increasing his Grounder relationships?”

Might we also expect some Monty/Murphy conflicts? Or Bellamy? Anything’s possible! “I wanna fight Bellamy, and win!” Larkin laughs.

Eliza Taylor — Clarke Griffin

On the time jump, Taylor says, “Playing a 24-year-old woman as opposed to this 18-year-old I’ve been playing since I was 23 is a huge deal, and I think what we’re gonna see is the evolution of her really turning into this maternal, kickass ‘mummy’ type, which is exciting.”

The six-year gap also allows Clarke to step back from the leader role, which she says has “simplified everything” for her. “It’s much more wholesome and little, and I’m really excited about that.”

As for her finding peace, she says, “I mean, obviously she’s gone through so much loss, so there would still be that feeling inside her but yeah, over those six years there would have been a lot of time to make peace an be less hurt by everything that’s happened.”

Finally she talks about the daily calls to Bellamy, saying, “I think what that’s kind of meant … you need some kind of routine to stay sane, you know? And I think she does the same thing every day: she gives Madi lessons, she talks to Bellamy, they go out and they hunt. And I think without that feeling of having a routine, you kind of lose your mind. And also, you know, hello? Please answer.”

Showrunner Jason Rothenberg

Jason Rothenberg is immediately asked about potential deaths during the time jump. “Yes, it’s possible. I don’t want to tell you who, or if, but six years is a long time,” he says. “They were only on the ground for 10 months … and a lot of people died while we were on the ground, and certainly they’re not out of harm’s way. Some of them.”

As for flashbacks, Rothenberg says they’re “a pretty big part of the season. There’s a lot of cool stuff that happened during those six years, and I don’t wanna just talk about it. Especially the things that were formative, that turned Octavia into the Octavia we will see when the door opens and we go down there for the first time.”

Speaking more about the bunker storyline, he says, “Things under the ground got really, really… I mean it’s almost redundant for me to say ‘dark’ when we talk about this show, but things got really different when they found out that they were trapped. They could have been out for a year. Same thing in space. And they’re not back yet, and there’s a good reason why. And the psychology is very different for somebody that knows there’s a five-year… I’m out in five. I can live through that. But if I’m here forever, I’m gonna behave differently.”

We ask him about the character growth and which character he’s excited to explore in season 6. “I always get excited about the new characters,” he says, teasing that “we’re gonna meet three really powerful new characters.”

It’s not all about the newbies, though. “For me it’s always about Bellamy, Clarke, Octavia… their changes are pretty extreme this season,” says Rothenberg. “Those three in particular this year, they’re the sort of extreme change-ies. And so it’s been really fun so far this year to see how far I can push that, to see how much we can change a person from what we know of them and still have it feel like that person and not feel out of character.”

Is it 2018 yet?!

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