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‘The 100’ season 5 begins production: See what the characters look like 6 (?) years later

The 100 season 5 is now in production, and the team has revealed first-look images of what the characters look like now (or at some point during the six-year time jump period).

Season 4 of The CW science fiction drama The 100 ended with a massive time jump, propelling Clarke Griffin (Eliza Taylor) and the audience six years into the future and leaving the fate of all the other characters uncertain.

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Six years is a long time, and we’ve been expecting the time jump to be reflected in the characters’ appearances — and for most of them, new hair styles and costumes are probably the least of the changes they’ve undergone!

But despite the sizzling teasers we received at San Diego Comic-Con 2017, we’re still mostly in the dark about what’s to come in The 100 season 5, and so the fandom is eager for any and all insight into the lives and fates of our heroes.

Lucky for us, the cast and crew have been celebrating the start of season 5 production with some first-look images revealing some of the characters’ new looks.

First up there’s Eliza Taylor as Clarke, in a different outfit from the one we saw her wearing in the season 4 finale flash forward:

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Her longer hair and lack of the red flash-forward-speed streak suggests that this is what Clarke looks like for at least one of season 5’s flashback sequences.

With the (unconfirmed) news from IMDb (via The 100 S5 News) that Lina Renna has been cast as a younger Madi, we’ll likely seeing the two meeting and forming the connection which will be so character-defining for flash forward-Clarke.

Another set of images from The 100 writers on Twitter and Tasya Teles (Echo) on Instagram show off the trio of male characters that are stuck in space:

??? #the100 Gents back at it again. #theCw #WarnerBrothers

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Bob Morley (Bellamy) is sporting a signature flash forward beard™ while Richard Harmon (Murphy) and Chris Larkin (Monty) both have new and shorter hairdos.

The real star of the image, however, is Monty’s apron, onto which the words “Make Algae Not War” have been stylishly fashioned.

It is amazing to imagine that Monty wears an apron to make algae, and even more so that he (or another member of the space gang, though it’s almost definitely his own doing — Jasper would be so proud) has been able to find the humor in what by all rights should be a pretty miserable situation.

Another image shows Chris Larkin with Chelsey Reist (Harper), also a member of the space gang. Her outfit’s changed, and she’s let her hair down (guessing there hasn’t been much need for the guard braids on the Ark):

Here’s showrunner Jason Rothenberg with Richard Harmon, Tasya Teles and Lindsey Morgan (Raven), though the latter two are not in costume (and show no evidence of hair changes):

Another image, this one including Bob Morley:

That very nearly completes the spacekru set; the only curious absence is Luisa d’Oliveira (Emori).

Here’s hoping we get a look at her soon, as she’s indicated on Twitter that she’s back on set.

While it seems like the first days of shooting have mainly featured Clarke and/or the space gang, we’ve also gotten a glimpse at some of the bunker kru makeovers, via the actors’ social media accounts.

Here’s Marie Avgeropoulos (Octavia) sporting shorter hair (though not the Furiosa style I was hoping for):

When Chewie is the only dude on the boat you know it's a good day. #CanadianGirlsDoItBetter

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Jarod Joseph (Miller) has grown out his buzz cut, but is keeping the beard from season 4:

And Sachin Sahel (Jackson) appears to have a flash forward beard™ of his very own:

Update: The re-casting of Madi has been confirmed by The 100 writers on Twitter!

Curiously, the character who seems to have undergone the biggest change from season 4 to 5 is Madi: it would appear that Shadowhunters‘ Lola Flanery is replacing original actress Imogen Tear in the role.

Flanery’s voice was used in the sizzle reel shown at SDCC, and the production team has confirmed the casting change.

Aside from an abundance of Madis, no new cast members have been announced yet, but we know we’re getting a trio of new characters (likely members of the Eligius crew), so we’ve got that to look forward to.

We also can’t assume that the looks of the character represent their appearances in what has become the new present-day — if they’re filming flashbacks first, the characters Clarke meets up with six years later might look very different from how they appear in these images! It’s all very mysterious and exciting, isn’t it?

Follow The 100 Writers on Twitter to (hopefully) get more fun first-look images from The 100 season 5.

What do you think about ‘The 100’s’ cast’s new looks for season 5?

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