The 100 season 4 soundtrack is hours away, and we have an exciting new track to share, which relates to some of the show’s most beloved characters.

“The youth have inherited the earth.”

With those words, said by Kane to Abby in the season 4 premiere as they watched Bellamy and Clarke walk out of Polis, the tone was set for a season of watching our young heroes try — and in many cases fail — to avoid repeating the mistakes of the ones who came before them.

The musical theme that accompanied this moment, described by Tree Adams as a triumphant horn motif, has been subtly echoed throughout the season before its grand reprise in last night’s episode “The Chosen.”

“This is how we save our people,” Kane says towards the end of the episode, devastated, the horn motif giving way to emotional strings to represent the mood as Kane, Indra, Octavia and Jaha walk among the bodies of the fallen Arkadians.

“The Mentor’s Voice” thus becomes an amalgam of the themes playing in 401 and 412, bookmarking the season, and symbolizing the journey that Kane and the other mentors/mentees have gone on in The 100 season 4.

Listen to “The Mentor’s Voice,” the fifth track off The 100 season 4 soundtrack, in full:

Epic, haunting and beautiful — just like Marcus Kane the show!

Here’s the full tracklist for The 100 season 4 OST, released by WaterTower Records:

1. Zero G Nightblood
2. Clarke’s Mission
3. Praimfaya
4. The 12th Seal
5. The Mentor’s Voice
6. Skairippa
7. Rocket
8. Bellamy and Clarke
9. King Roan
10. Raven’s Plight
11. See You On The Other Side
12. I See You
13. Octillian
14. Marper
15. Ilian The Destroyer
16. Azgeda Standoff
17. Echo of the Ice Nation
18. Kabby
19. Bellamy In The Black Rain
20. Indra and Gaia
21. The Bond of Siblings
22. My People, My Responsibility
23. Bellamy’s Call
24. Miller And Bryan
25. Ascension
26. Echo Defeats Octavia

Make sure you also check out our exclusive first listens to “Praimfaya” and “The 12th Seal“!

‘The 100’ season 4 soundtrack is released tomorrow (Friday), and can be pre-ordered here

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