Tree Adams’ soundtrack for The 100 season 4 is available this Friday, and we’re counting down the days with exclusive early releases from the album!

One week before the nail-biting season finale, the official soundtrack for The 100 season 4 will be released in full. The 26-track album will be in digital stores Friday, May 19, and is available to pre-order now.

Ahead of the album launch we’ll be releasing a few tracks here on Hypable, starting with “Praimfaya” — an epic, sombre and foreboding anthem that composer Tree Adams referred to as the “End of the World Theme” in our interview earlier this year:

The season 4 soundtrack is rife with Middle Eastern influences and orchestral themes. When coming up with music to represent the Grounders’ post-apocalyptical society, Tree Adams told us, “The thought was that it’s like a poly-cultural soup, all of the different music and instruments… imagine that they’ve been melted in this future, and it’s a little bit more of a wide-open palette. When thinking about where the Grounders are at, that’s how we envisioned it. They’ve had to start again.”

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Certainly that scope of sounds is present in “Praimfaya.” The track, which is 2:26 minutes long, is a rollercoaster ride of emotion (very fitting for the season), starting on a heart-pounding high, then slowing and taking us through several more mournful, tension-building parts before building again, ending with a slow fade and a final, sudden rise. (The world doesn’t end with a bang, it seems, but rather with what sounds like a cymbal.)

Here’s the full track list for The 100 season 4 OST:

1. Zero G Nightblood
2. Clarke’s Mission
3. Praimfaya
4. The 12th Seal
5. The Mentor’s Voice
6. Skairippa
7. Rocket
8. Bellamy and Clarke
9. King Roan
10. Raven’s Plight
11. See You On The Other Side
12. I See You
13. Octillian
14. Marper
15. Ilian The Destroyer
16. Azgeda Standoff
17. Echo of the Ice Nation
18. Kabby
19. Bellamy In The Black Rain
20. Indra and Gaia
21. The Bond of Siblings
22. My People, My Responsibility
23. Bellamy’s Call
24. Miller And Bryan
25. Ascension
26. Echo Defeats Octavia

Says composer Tree Adams in the official press release:

“I’m really happy we had an opportunity to do another soundtrack for The 100. I love diving into the world that Jason Rothenberg has created where there are such great opportunities to create rich thematic material in the storytelling. I am also really grateful to the show’s fandom who have inspired me to dig a little deeper in supplying that musical substrata.”

This is the first of three exclusive tracks that Hypable will be releasing ahead of the album release on Friday, so watch this space!

‘The 100 season 4 soundtrack is available May 19 and can be pre-ordered here

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