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Arden Cho talks ‘Teen Wolf’ season 5

Is there an elephant in the room with Scott and Kira in regards to Allison? Is that still awkward between them?

Oh, I definitely think there’s still a lot of stuff that’s uncomfortable, but I think it’s more than just Allison. [The history with] Allison is such a big thing. That will always be there. Something like that doesn’t just go away, it was his first love and as such a young person to not just lose your first love but also physically lose your first love that’s like a whole other level. I mean think about it. Breakups alone are so difficult let alone actually losing that person, that’s so crazy and extreme. I love that the show does face that topic because it is really difficult.

One of my favorite [scenes] that Posey did was between him and Melissa when he’s crying at the kitchen table about that because it’s like what do you do? That’s real, people that we know have been through those moments whether it’s a loved one or family member or friend. And so I think that is still a difficulty between their relationship along with the fact that maybe they haven’t really talked about it along with the fact that Scott tried to stab Kira. Yeah, he was a berserker, but like that happened too! A lot of things have happened and they haven’t really had time to develop their relationship as a normal couple would because they’ve been fighting bad guys and all this crazy stuff has been happening.

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I think season 5 will be interesting to see how that develops and what happens there. I definitely think there are a lot of things that are unsaid and that need to be figured out, a lot of awkwardness. Which [actually] I think people love about Scott and Kira, or at least I love it because I feel like it’s so realistic.

Will we be seeing more of Kira’s parents this season? Because they’re totally fan favorites.

Aw! Are they? That is so amazing. I’m so glad people love them. I’ll have to let them know. Tamlyn Tomita and Tom Choi are amazing. They’re not only great actors, but they’re just such fun people and I love them. I mean we’ve had a really fun episode when they both got to come back. I mean they have little bits separately too but there’s some fun scenes with like the whole family. It’s really fun, there’s a very fun dynamic and I love the characters and I love that my dad is so awkward and silly and goofy while my mom is like intelligent and smart. I mean they’re both intelligent, but I think there’s a lot of fun stuff that can come from that as well.

I mean obviously they’re holding secrets because my mom’s like 900 years old at least, and they’re definitely holding some stuff back. I do hope that they dig into that stuff this season and I know that they’re back. We’ve already filmed some stuff, so they’re definitely here, they’re not going anywhere. I can’t tell you exactly how much we’re going to be developing that story, but I do know that I’ve heard from the writers we’re going to have more family stuff too.

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The characters have almost always been by each others side no matter what through the whole series. Can you say anything about any potential for them to really disagree or get torn apart as a family because of a major rift or fight?

I definitely think that this season there will be challenges where we really have to question our relationships and our friendships. I don’t know exactly what that’s going to be, but I know that there’s going to be some obstacles. And I know people have sort of talked about it and I think it’s because they really want to hit that because it’s realistic and it happens in real life.

So for fun: If you could come up with the craziest episode of ‘Teen Wolf,’ what would you want to do?

Okay, so this probably wouldn’t fit for Teen Wolf, but I think it would be really cool. If Kira just has something crazy supernatural happen with her power where, like, I don’t know, if she learns how to finally grasp it, if there was a twist with all the power like she actually became evil and then used her power for bad. And then maybe Scott would have to take her down, and it would be like crazy intense.

But I don’t think it would ever go that way because they really like where Scott and Kira are at, and I think they like where the pack is and obviously like a part of me likes that, but I don’t want to die off that way. If I had to go, that would be a way I would like to go, but I think that would be cool.

Are you looking forward to ‘Teen Wolf’ season 5?

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