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Arden Cho talks ‘Teen Wolf’ season 5

This past weekend we attended the Days of the Wolf convention in L.A., where fans came together to celebrate Teen Wolf and interact with several actors from the show. We sat down with Arden Cho and she gave us some insight into the next season.

Teen Wolf season 5 isn’t too far away, but it’s far enough where we’re starting to get more and more thirsty for all things wolf-related. That’s why we attended Days of the Wolf — to finally quench our Teen Wolf thirst! The convention was two days of great fan/actor interaction, and in between all the craziness we managed to sit down with actress Arden Cho (Kira Yukimura) and she teased us about the next season of Teen Wolf.

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How did you spend your break between seasons?

So it’s funny, I actually went to New York to film a movie called Stuck, and it’s a musical, so that was really cool. Giancarlo Esposito is in it, Ashanti the singer, Amy Madigan, Omar Chaparro, and Gerard Canonico, and so it’s a small ensemble cast and it was a lot of fun, very challenging with music, dancing, acting all at the same time. Really long takes with pages and pages of dialogue, so it was really cool — a really different experience. I loved it.

I also did some conventions and had some shows and spoke at some colleges, so it was really great. The reason I said it was funny is because in the show, and I don’t know if they did this because I went to New York, but in the show Kira went to New York for the summer. So I don’t know, I was like, “I should ask them,” but I think it’s because in the show last season I think they referenced that they used to live in New York. Coincidentally Kira and both Arden were in New York for the summer, but I’m glad to be back and to be filming again — I missed it. Even though we have really long hours and it’s really difficult, when I’m not working I still miss it.

The show just added a couple new faces to the writing team, so do you know if they’ve written anything particularly awesome for Kira?

I know that all the writers are definitely working together to develop all the characters this season. I definitely think there’s a lot more character development and relationships, just a lot more moments between characters and their friendships. Everybody kind of works collectively as a team, so it’s hard to know what specific exchange someone wrote exactly. Even if it’s, say Ian [Stokes]’s episode and he wrote it, everybody still wrote a part. It’s not like Ian writes the whole episode and that’s it — it’s a collaboration.

So yeah, I mean so far I love where this season is going for all the characters, not just mine. I think they’re definitely writing some cool stuff for us and I’m excited. Kira’s growing up, everyone’s growing up, and it’s nice seeing characters going through and experiencing challenges that we do as well.

Teen wolf kira powers

Is Kira still struggling with her powers, or has she mostly gotten a hold of them at this point?

I think she’s definitely still struggling. There’s certain things that she’s gotten a little bit more confident with, but a lot of the supernatural aspects of it, as in the electricity and those sorts of things, she’s still trying to figure out.

And I think it’s a little more difficult because she’s the only kitsune. Scott’s obviously helping her, but he’s a werewolf, so it’s different, and I think her mother and father are still keeping a lot of secrets from her and a lot of that has to do with the fact that she’s still so young. I think toward the end of the season we’ll definitely dive more into that. We’ll see what happens.

How is the pack dynamic looking so far in season 5? Have the events of season 4 brought them closer together?

Definitely. I definitely feel like this season, really coming together as a pack, it fits. I feel like we’re all getting our groove, and I was just telling someone [that] for me this has been the most exciting season because I don’t feel like the new kid anymore, I feel like a part of the pack and the family.

And I love that dynamic. It’s so fun to see each character’s voice really be clear now. Malia’s getting her groove, Lydia is becoming stronger, Stiles is really manning up too — he might not have supernatural powers, but he’s really like a very logical voice in the team and obviously Scott is our alpha and he’s our leader, and even Liam is stepping up and Mason is getting involved too. It’s a lot of fun and there’s definitely fun dynamics at least with the young students in school. And also out of school life too, so that’s been a lot of fun. And I really like the new characters as well. I think they’re great and I think there’s going to be some really fun moments.

So it feels really great not being the newest kid anymore, yeah?

Ugh, I love it! I love not being the new kid and not being the one out of the loop. I feel like, yeah, it’s hard being the new step child and now I’m not. I’ve passed initiation and now I’m in.

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