Season 3 of Teen Wolf premieres in less than two months, and today the tagline for this season has been revealed.

The reveal comes ahead of the promo footage we’ve been promised at tomorrow’s MTV Movie Awards show, and it was accompanied by a couple of GIFs and a short seven-second video. The tagline?

‘This Might Hurt’

That certainly sets us up for an explosive season 3. Check out the GIFs and video, which all feature some Wolfsbane in the background.

The GIFs and video certainly don’t give us a whole lot of information, but it’s safe to assume the brains behind Teen Wolf are both talking about the characters and to the fans. After all, they haven’t let us forget for one second that plenty of people will be dying in season 3.

The Wolfsbane could be insignificant, and merely just a background for the words that slowly appear in front of it. But, on the other hand, Wolfsbane does cause werewolves pain. It’s quite possible that the flowering plant could be quite important this season.

Either way, we’re sure that not only will this season of Teen Wolf hurt both physically and emotionally for our favorite Beacon Hills characters, but also for us as fans as well.

What do you make of the season 3 tagline?

Don’t forget to tune into the MTV Movie Awards this Sunday at 9 PM EST to catch the first promotional video for season 3 of Teen Wolf. We’ll make sure to share it with you as soon as it goes online.

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