NATWP Podcast

Episode #15 – Bite Sized – A Bite Of Shantal Rhodes

Hosted by Natalie, Karen, and Shantal

April 8, 2013

Welcome to a Bite Sized episode of Not Another Teen Wolf Podcast, where we take one aspect of the fandom and discuss it in a mini-episode! This time around, Natalie and Karen talk with Teen Wolf contest winner Shantal Rhodes.

In late 2011, via a fan competition, Shantal won the role of Danielle, a featured extra in episode 2×09 Party Guessed. She’s the one who dunks Stiles’s head in the pool to sober him up! Shantal is both an aspiring actress and a Teen Wolf superfan and it was very exciting to talk with someone who can give us both a professional and fannish insight to being on set at Teen Wolf!

With Shantal, we discuss:

-When she started watching the show
-Why she decided to enter the contest
-How she felt about her entry
-What her reaction was when she found out she won
-What her experience on set was like
-If she was nervous about being on camera
-When she learned she’d be back for season 3
-How she manages to stay a fan of the show, but also be a professional
-What other shows she’d like to be on
-What future projects she’d like to do and if she’ll keep acting

Shantal also talks about meeting the cast and drew of Teen Wolf, and her excitement for season 3 from a fan’s perspective, and her favorite episodes and characters!

Shantal says she’d be more than happy to come on the podcast again, maybe to help recap a season 3 episode, and we’re happy to oblige! We can’t thank her enough for putting aside some time to chat with us, and for the Teen Wolf team for giving her permission!

Watch Shantal’s behind-the-scenes experience at Teen Wolf in the video below:


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