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‘Teen Wolf’ panel at New York Comic-Con promises a psychological thriller for rest of season 3

Teen Wolf held a panel at the New York Comic-Con, teasing fans with information and footage from the second half of season 3.

The panel comprised of Executive Producer Jeff Davis, along with Dylan O’Brien (Stiles) and Linden Ashby (Sheriff Stilinski). Two major announcements were made during the panel, which included the half hour talk show Wolf Watch that will follow each episode, along with the season 4 renewal.

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Wolf Watch will be hosted by Jill Wagner (Kate Argent) and discuss the show along with celebrity guests and lucky superfans that get to attend.

It was after this point that they showed a clip from the second half of season 3. The new Teen Wolf clip from NYCC showed Stiles hallucinating while in class. Everyone was signing to him, but he didn’t know what they were saying. As he tried to run out of the room, he “wakes up” and realizes that it wasn’t real.

However, Scott turns to him and says that he wasn’t actually sleeping. Stiles looks down at his notebook and sees that he’s written “wake up” over and over again, much like Lydia had written on the chalkboard in season 2.

Davis says that season 3B will be a psychological thriller compared to the action-packed first half of this year. That hopefully means they’ll be exploring the characters a bit more and even delving into some additional back stories.

Speaking of the characters, we already know that there will be a new character called Deputy Parrish. Parrish will not know anything about the supernatural world. However, now that the sheriff does, he’ll have to struggle with keeping that secret while also being a mentor to the young officer.

What else is in store for Sheriff Stilinski? Davis said, “We’re definitely heading down a certain path with those characters,” when asked about the possibility of a romance between Ashby’s character and that of Melissa McCall, played by Melissa Ponzio.

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There’s no word yet if they will actually develop a closer relationship, but we do know that they will both be much more involved in their kids’ lives now that they know about the supernatural world. They’re growing alongside their children, Davis said.

Other romance is blooming on the show as well, with Davis saying, “There’s always opportunities for new romance in high school. We’re going to be testing the waters with that.” That was both in relation to Stiles and even Scott, who is back to the beginning when it comes to his love life now that Allison and Isaac are closer to becoming a bit more than just friends.

Stiles, however, might be getting more attention during the winter season, with Davis hinting that he could be losing a “certain status.” Could Stiles be losing his virginity? Or is Davis just trying to steer us down the wrong path?

Switching gears, the panel began to talk more about Derek and the fact that we’ll be surprised by his entrance into season 3B. Not only that, but he’ll be sharing a lot of “fun” scenes with Peter, and we’ll be learning a lot more about both of them.

Derek has been beaten up time and time again during the course of this show, but Davis promises that we’ll actually get to see him be a “real hero” this year. He’s going to be rising to the status of an alpha both emotionally and psychologically, even if that doesn’t mean he’ll become an alpha again. But he will finally be filling out that role of being Scott’s “brother.”

Not one to be outshined, Peter was also in the spotlight during the discussion, with Davis saying that he’ll be psychologically manipulating a lot of people, but that he’ll also be getting a dose of his own medicine. Could this be part of Lydia’s revenge?

Teen Wolf season 3B definitely sounds like it’s going to be the darker and spookier cousin to the first half of the season. It will return on January 6, 2014 for the last 12 episodes of season 3.

Stay tuned for more information about Teen Wolf coming out of New York Comic-Con, including our interviews with the members of the panel, which has even better teases in store for fans!

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What was your favorite tid-bit to come out of the ‘Teen Wolf’ panel at NYCC?

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