Not Another Teen Wolf Podcast Podcast

Episode #38 – Paging Melissa Ponzio

Hosted by Natalie Fisher, Karen Rought and Melissa Ponzio

September 30, 2013

Welcome to a Bite Sized episode of Not Another Teen Wolf Podcast, where we take one aspect of the fandom and discuss it in a mini-episode! In this episode, Natalie and Karen are joined by Teen Wolf star Melissa Ponzio.

Featured Song: “North By North” by Faded Paper Figures, featured in one of Melissa’s favorite Teen Wolf scenes – season 1, episode 11 “Formality.”

In this episode, we interview the lovely Melissa Ponzio, who plays Scott’s mom Melissa McCall in all three seasons of Teen Wolf.

Tune in for our exclusive 80-minute chat with Melissa as she talks us through everything from her initial casting through to season 3 and beyond. We get her opinions on her character’s role as a mother, as a nurse and as a bad-ass. We get to hear a little bit about what’s happening next with that pesky ex-husband who suddenly showed up at the end of season 3A, and how Melissa feels about Scott’s relationship with his father.

Melissa also shares her experience of Teen Wolf set and the crew’s big move from Atlanta to Los Angeles, as well as a little bit about her time on The Walking Dead!

We also chat about the Wolfsbane convention and the Teen Wolf fandom in general – and can we just say, this lady really gets it. Melissa pinpoints exactly why Teen Wolf is becoming such a pop culture phenomenon.

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