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‘Stranger Things’ comics are coming: What to expect and what fans want to see next

The Stranger Things universe is getting ready to expand in a major way with a new line of comic books.

The Netflix series capitalized on the nostalgia wave by crafting a tale about three nerdy boys in the 80s whose lives are changed when one of their friend Will Byers seemingly vanishes into thin air.

Stranger Things takes the fictional, sleepy small-town of Hawkins, Indiana and creates an alternate world known as the Upside Down, which is connected to strange science experiments at a local laboratory on children, including a telepathic young girl named Eleven.

Since its debut in 2016, the show has become a worldwide phenomenon and captured audience’s hearts with complex characters, brilliant acting, and an addictive story.

The show is gearing up for season 3, which is set to release in 2019. Until then, fans will get a chance to feed their Stranger Things addiction with the upcoming comic books.

Publisher Dark Horse and Netflix have teamed up to launch a line of Stranger Things comics on September 26. According to EW, the first series will focus on what happened to Will Byers while he was trapped in the Upside Down during season 1.

The TV show primarily explored the race to find Will, but viewers got to see very little of how he managed to survive in this dark dimension. It’s a great opportunity to dive into Will’s mind as well as understand more about the Upside Down.

The story will be penned by Jody Houser, who has penned several Star Wars and Spider-Man comics as well as a recent one-shot comic about James Bond character Eve Moneypenny. This is the first of many lines to come and there are plenty of stories that can be explored in this world.

There are a few comic ideas that fans may way want to see in future Stranger Things comics.

Eleven is the powerful protagonist of the show, but her numbered name means there are other children who came before (and possibly after) her in this long-running science experiment. In season 2, she met Eight, who could manipulate what others see, and realized that there could be a truly dark side to these powers.

There’s no word on if Eight will return, but future comics could explore more about Eight’s life after she escaped the lab. It would take the comics outside of the Hawkins sphere and tell another story about a young girl who was scarred by experimentation.

This can also be done for any other numbers out there and maybe even reveal someone after Eleven who is still alive. Eleven’s mom will get her own novel this year, so a closer look at the experiments is of interest to most fans.

The Upside Down has had several of the characters in its grasp. There were likely other portals in and around Hawkins, so there could have been other people who inadvertently wandered into one.

Perhaps a comic can explore another Hawkins resident who made their way into this dimension. Did they ever see Will? Are they still somehow alive?

It would be interesting for more than this small group of people to know about what was happening at Hawkins Laboratory.

Speaking of the lab, it is hard to believe that this would have been the only place in the United States doing experiments. What if Brenner was working with other unsuspecting labs in small towns to conduct experiments?

Could something have happened at one of those labs to create a world similar to the Upside Down? A comic exploring another lab with the Hawkins crew coming to the rescue would be a cool adventure.

Eventually, the Mind Flayer and any other Upside Down monsters will be defeated for good. But, what will happen to Will, Mike, Dustin, Eleven, and Lucas in the future?

How will this insane experience affect them in future years? The TV show probably won’t do a time jump into their adult years, but a comic could show them having one last adventure in the future.

Perhaps they all reunite in Hawkins for a class reunion and something ominous happens to send them on another epic adventure.

The science fiction element and interesting questions brought up in each season of Stranger Things can lead to countless comic ideas to keep the story going, even after the show ends.

And, the chance to explore Will’s journey in the Upside Down in the upcoming Stranger Things comics is an exciting expansion to this incredible universe.

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