11:25 am EDT, June 8, 2018

A ‘Stranger Things’ prequel book about Eleven’s mom coming this fall

Stranger Things is entering the book world, and in addition to providing some companion books, also be on the lookout for a prequel novel about Eleven’s mother, Terry.

Penguin Random House and Netflix are teaming up to bring us a bunch of awesome Stranger Things books that will begin hitting bookshelves this fall. While the first two books are going to be a companion book to the show and an untitled kids’ “gift book” that Book Riot reports will include “advice, wisdom, and warnings from the Stranger Things world,” we’re super excited to hear an original prequel novel is coming our way as well.

The novel will be released in 2019, and will tell more of the story of Eleven’s mother, Terry. The book will let us learn more about who Eleven’s mom was before we met her in Stranger Things 2, and will tell of Terry’s fateful intersection with the MKUltra Program.

The novel is going to be penned by Gwenda Bond, who you might know as the brilliant author behind the Lois Lane lane trilogy and the Cirque American trilogy. Bond took to Twitter to announce her involvement in the series, and in addition to getting us so excited to learn more about the world of Stranger Things, Bond promised that her book would cause the fandom to love Terry “in a whole new way.”

Penguin Random House and Netflix will be bringing us more Stranger Things books in 2019, but we don’t yet know what to expect from those books. While we can likely expect other companion books and gift books, we’re hoping there are more original novels coming our way. After all, with the television show unraveling such a complex, rich world, we’re certain there will be many more amazing, engaging stories for the books to tell.

Source: Book Riot

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