6:23 am EDT, July 2, 2015

Stephen Colbert interviews Eminem on Public Access TV

Stephen Colbert makes his Public Access TV debut with a bizarre, satirical Eminem interview.

Stephen Colbert has left The Colbert Report behind, and is heading to CBS for The Late Show With Stephen Colbert in September.

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But before Colbert goes mainstream on network TV, he clearly has some wild oats to sow online and on local cable stations!

Earlier this week, Colbert journeyed to Monroe, Michigan, taking a turn as the host of Only in Monroe.

The viewers of the local public access cable show were in for a double surprise, as Colbert brought on special guest Eminem.

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The pair had a bizarre discussion, and hilariously explored the town’s history through song and random trivia (Eminem has some insider knowledge as he hails from Detroit, Michigan).

Check out the full video below, which opens with Colbert watering a fake house plant (!), or skip to 22:00 for the Eminem interview:

At the start of the video, Colbert explains that, “Since my last show ended in December, I’ve been itching to host a talk show again, but my new theater is not ready yet.” So instead, he took over a local cable channel! Seems legit.

He goes on to dive into local Monroe news, interview people from the area, and generally just rock it.

And of course Eminem is always up for a bit of comedy — who can forget his hilarious fake interview with James Franco in The Interview?

‘The Late Show With Stephen Colbert’ premieres Sept. 8 on CBS.

Will you be watching Stephen Colbert on CBS when he takes over from David Letterman?

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