It feels like Stephen Colbert’s Late Show has already begun.

The new CBS late-night talk show isn’t premiering on television until September, but Colbert has already started recording comedy bits for YouTube to stay in the mainstream during his time off air.

Like so many other bits from late night talk shows, Colbert’s are going viral. In other words, his show has already begun. Why bother building a studio? Just keep releasing these videos on YouTube! After all, it seems like all late night talk shows have one goal these days: Creating bits that go viral on the internet the next morning.

Colbert’s latest video depicts the former Colbert Report host sitting in his Manhattan office and celebrating the Supreme Court’s ruling that gay marriage is now legal in all 50 states. Watch the great piece below:

One question that’s come up about Colbert’s Late Show concerns his style of humor. He made a name for himself by being a parody of a conservative talk show host on The Colbert Report, so will he be bringing that style of humor to CBS?

The short answer is “probably not,” but videos like the one above show that Colbert will still rely on being ignorant to pull off a joke. “So if you’re a homosexual and living in North Dakota, all your problems are solved,” Colbert quips at one point in the above video.

Last week Colbert released a video parodying Donald Trump’s Presidential announcement. It’s become obvious that his plan is to continue releasing videos about big news events between now and September so no one forgets about him:

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