11:00 am EDT, March 20, 2018

‘Station 19’ review: ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ fans will love this spinoff

Station 19 is the newest Shondaland series, and Grey’s Anatomy fans should definitely check it out!

Even though Station 19 revolves around firefighters and not doctors, there’s no mistaking this show for anything other than a Grey’s Anatomy spinoff. It has much of the same feel: the danger, the drama, the fun, and the romance. It has enough of the same elements to hook Grey’s Anatomy fans right away, with enough differences to make it feel fresh and new.

The Station 19 premiere makes it clear from the start that Andy Herrera is the lead of the series, much like Meredith Grey is to Grey’s Anatomy.

Not only is Andy a strong, independent woman in a male dominated field but she also faces some of the same issues that go along with being a legacy. Andy’s father is the captain of the fire station which means that she’s grown up in this life, but she also gets overlooked despite her strengths.

While Andy is busy picking up the slack around the station, filing reports and making sure everything runs smoothly, she’s not even technically second in command. Instead Jack Gibson is lieutenant, even though he’s known for being impulsive and maybe a bit reckless at times.

Adding onto the tension, Jack and Andy are in a secret relationship which complicates things even more. Especially since Andy may still have feelings for her ex, Ryan Tanner, who’s a police officer.

The love triangle is a complication that will surely allow for some great storylines on the series early on. It definitely gives some Grey’s Anatomy feels, even though it’s not exactly the same situation Meredith dealt with.

Andy will have a lot of decisions to make with these two guys in her life and it doesn’t look like either is an obvious choice yet. I’m especially looking forward to seeing how this will play out and see where things go. I wouldn’t be surprised if this love triangle is dragged on for some time.

For those missing that special connection between Meredith and Cristina, Station 19 answers that with Andy’s friend Maya. The two have a close bond and Maya can read Andy so well they can talk without words needed.

This comes in handy when they want to have a chat in the firetruck while others are around. From what I can tell, they have different personalities that might lead them to act different in certain situations but they obviously have each other’s backs.

Unlike Grey’s Anatomy’s previous spinoff Private Practice, Station 19 also takes place in Seattle so it leaves the series open for more crossovers. The firefighters have already been to Grey Sloan Memorial twice, once on Grey’s Anatomy 14×13 and then again on the Station 19 premiere.

It’s very interesting to see these two groups interact, especially with the implications for Ben who’s still dealing with leaving behind the hospital life for this new one. And also for Andy who is now having to deal with her father’s health issues. Captain Pruitt quickly went from being the rock of the station, to leaving the group struggling to deal with his absence.

Though it’s not yet clear how often the characters from Grey’s Anatomy’s and Station 19 will interact with one another, I’m hopeful that it could become a regular thing. Otherwise, I’m not sure what the point was of giving the two such close connections.

So far it seems like Station 19 has everything it needs to be successful and entertaining. I’m slightly nervous what Shonda Rhimes move to Netflix will mean for her shows at ABC, but I think this one has the potential to run for a long time given the right storylines and creativity.

The one downside to the series premiere, is that there was so much focus on Andy and her father that there wasn’t a ton of time to learn about the other characters. Viewers do get bits and pieces of their personalities, and it’s promising. So I just want to see more of them in the upcoming episodes.

Are you looking forward to ‘Station 19’?

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