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#TGIT Recap: Discussing ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ 14×13, ‘Scandal’ 7×12, and ‘HTGAWM’ 4×13

Tonight’s TGIT includes Grey’s Anatomy 14×13, Scandal 7×12, and How To Get Away With Murder 4×13. Here’s our roundup of what happened!

‘Grey’s Anatomy’ 4×13 ‘You Really Got A Hold On Me’ – Sonya Field


On tonight’s episode of Grey’s Anatomy, fans get introduced to the heroine of the new TGIT series Station 19. Andy Herrera (played by Jaina Lee Ortiz) bursts onto our screens when she comes in with a patient. Two kids were playing with a science experiment when it all went wrong and they ended up hurt. Andy had to stick her hand inside one of the boys in order to stop him from bleeding out.

Seeing Andy with her hand inside the patient gave me flashbacks to when Meredith did something similar in season 2. That was a little more dangerous with the bomb involved, but I can’t help but feel like this was an intentional move. It’s a good tactic to get fans to think of Andy as the Meredith of Station 19.

Andy and Meredith also seem to hit it off pretty quickly. Meredith even confides in Andy about her secret issue with her project. She’s trying to get in contact with the patent owner in Madrid who could mess up her project. Meredith has to find a way to get it settled without April finding out.

The problem is that the patent owner keeps calling when April is around Meredith because they’re working together on the surgery. Andy ends up coming in handy on several fronts here. Not only did she save the patient initially, but she also ends up helping out during the surgery when Meredith can’t get a clamp in at the right angle.

Later when the patent owner calls for the third time, Andy takes the call for Meredith and speaks in Spanish so April won’t understand what’s going on. She ends up getting the owner of the patent to agree to meet with Meredith when he comes to the States next week.

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Andy also gets the rush of being in the surgery room, despite feeling like it’s over her head a bit. She’s confused why Ben would ever want to give up that rush for firefighting.

It actually starts to make Ben question if he really made the right decision. After spending all day trying to get involved with the patients and getting yelled at by surgeons, Ben realizes he’s going to miss his old job after all.

It’s obvious that Andy is another strong female character that fans have come to expect from Shondaland series. This makes me even more excited to see Station 19 once it starts up later this month. I’m definitely interested to see Andy in action when she’s in her element at the station. If she can hold her own at the hospital, I’m sure she’ll be great to watch in her own field.

I’m also curious to see how Ben will cope with stepping away from the hospital and if any of his issues from Grey’s Anatomy will be transferred over to the new show. Or if it will be a clean slate for Ben, so to speak.

And I’m still loving seeing Meredith and Jo working together as a team, it was a bit muted this week thanks to Andy’s arrival, but it should continue next week. Meredith and Jo are set to meet with the owner of the patent from Madrid and I can’t wait to see how that gets resolved!

‘Scandal’ 7×12 ‘Allow Me To Reintroduce Myself’ – Brittany Lovely

Scandal tgit crossover

Allow me to reintroduce Scandal, by introducing How to Get Away with Murder. Who wouldn’t want to see Olivia Pope and Annalise Keating kicking ass and taking names? It’s the perfect storm. But with Scandal on its way out, it’s a little late in the game to let in our neighbors from the Philly area.

Olivia Pope has many, many steps left on her hero’s journey. Ushering Annalise in to push Olivia onward makes for an interesting first hour of the TGIT block. In “How to Survive a Scandal,” Olivia’s guest lecture focuses on how to introduce crisis management to a room of bright-eyed communications majors.

The first reasonable answer in the room, from Annalise herself, points to the problem Olivia faced day in and day out this entire season — not knowing she was in a crisis.

The main plot line of their interaction is to fast-track a case to the Supreme Court. For our hour, however, it is the relationship between Liv and Annalise, the mirror that they represent for one another, that captures my attention.

It is because of this case that Olivia has the opportunity to see a woman, equally rocked by scandal and shame in her home court, fight for something bigger than herself. And it is having that other women help her on her first challenge on the road back to redemption, namely the depths of Washington, that grants this crossover merit.

Side note: Google is great, but not when you are using it as your only basis for information on someone.

Even with Fitz’s blind help, there is one other Grant to get passed. If there is someone Olivia is always going to go up against, for better or worse, it’s Mellie Grant. Seven seasons and the combative relationship these two have never ceases to delight. And while Mellie digs her heels into the pristine Oval office carpeting, Olivia reassess what it will take to spin the world to see her in a favorable light.

And it is in a hair salon where an Olivia versus Annalise moment fuels a fire that makes this episode stand above an otherwise classic mid-season Scandal episode.

The seeds of discontent sewn between Olivia and QPA, Olivia and the White House, Olivia and the public are ready for harvest. Quinn via Jake via Mellie outs Liv’s firing to the public which, yet again, allows Olivia to face herself. Throughout the episode Annalise mentions, “I thought you were able to move mountains. That’s why I came here looking for you,” and, “I thought you had a bite behind that bark.” This is the public persona Olivia hides behind. Olivia is basically a walking Tina Fey circa SNL gif.

Underneath their harsh exteriors, Annalise and Olivia are not that different. They are both in the midst of a recovery period. They are both unable to take any more punches. At least they aren’t able to do that alone. But together, with a bit of hindsight, they might be able to move past all of that.

What I wanted most in this episode, was for Annalise to not only call Olivia on her nonsense (which she did), but for her to be the one to snap Liv awake. I would have taken Quinn, Mellie, even David Rosen! But no, the duty falls to Fitz. There was never any other way this was going to end.

And while Fitz, in my mind, is not the person who should bring the true Olivia back, this moment is not isolated to one person bursting a bubble. The pressure came from Annalise, from Quinn, from Abby, from her father, from everyone. Fitz may burst the bubble, but everyone is there to lift her up and push her forward on the final leg of her journey.

With that, Olivia marches into a Supreme Court justices office and reasons with facts, a little bit of financial work, and a renewed outlook at life.

She is truly on her way to recovering from a scandal — FINALLY.

‘HTGAWM’ 4×13 ‘Lahey V. Commonwealth Of Pennsylvania’ – Kendra Cleary

how to get away with murder 4x13, annalise keating, olivia pope

After Olivia carried the class-action lawsuit through the ranks in the Scandal half of the #TGIT crossover, it was Annalise’s turn to see it through in How to Get Away With Murder season 4, episode 13.

It was an uphill battle, but Annalise finally broke through the skepticism of the judges. Despite her near breakdown, which was mitigated by Olivia, she was at her best in front of that courtroom. She fought for everything she believed in, and she won!

I love that Annalise’s parents were included in this episode. Besides the fact that it’s always a joy to see Annalise’s mother, her presence really drove home how big of a moment this was for Annalise.

The only question now is, how will this affect her going forward? Will she finally feel like she’s made amends for the sins of her past? With both the Isaac and Simon drama, I’m guessing it might take her just a little bit longer to get to a place where she can have some peace. For now, we’re back to our regularly scheduled programming of getting away with murd something that could look like attempted murder.

Michaela Pratt has been on such a rollercoaster in the last few episodes of How to Get Away with Murder. She was riding on a high for the first half of the season. She had the job of her dreams, a mentor whom she greatly admired and a boyfriend whom she deeply loved. She was killing it, on all fronts.

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After her attempts to help Laurel went horribly wrong, it looked like Michaela was about to spiral. Her perfect world had once again been shattered and she was lost. However, she didn’t crumble! She jumped right back into work and became a force for Annalise’s class-action lawsuit.

Now, it looks like we might have to start worrying about Michaela again. Not only did she cheat on Asher, but she also left Connor feeling like he’d been usurped. Annalise didn’t even give her her due credit for what she did, either. With all of this piling up, she could be heading for a fall.

With all of this drama, Asher and Laurel need to fight Connor and Oliver hard on their decision to not have a wedding. A Coliver wedding would be the most beautiful thing that TV has ever seen and How to Get Away With Murder desperately needs that kind of joy.

What did you think of ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ 14×13, ‘Scandal’ 7×12, and ‘HTGAWM’ 4×13?

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