2:00 pm EST, December 16, 2018

60 questions we still have one year after ‘Star Wars: The Last Jedi’

I really need to know about the porgs.

It’s been one long year since the release of Star Wars: The Last Jedi, but we still have plenty of questions. Rian Johnson’s subversive take on the epic mythology of Star Wars was designed to leave fans with uncertainties, doubts, and lots to theorize over, even as we took comfort in some reestablished truths.

And for all that The Last Jedi dropped like a bomb into a breathless fandom, Johnson’s goals were achieved. After a year filled with more Star Wars than ever (the Solo film, the conclusion of Star Wars Rebels, and the beginning of the new Star Wars: Resistance animated series) we are still buzzing with the mysteries, dangling ends, and questions left behind by The Last Jedi — and what it all means for the final Skywalker film, Star Wars: Episode IX.

  1. Who are Rey’s parents?
  2. Is Kylo lying to Rey about them in order to manipulate her?
  3. Will Rey’s origins continue to be a mystery?
  4. How will Rey cope with being the new last of the Jedi?
  5. Will Rey fix Luke’s lightsaber, or build her own?
  6. Will those ancient texts actually help, or will they just be
    boring old books?
  7. Will Rey have help from any Force Ghosts, like Luke or Yoda?
  8. Will Rey and Finn be able to reestablish their bond?
  9. Is there budding romance between them, or is this just a friend thing?
  10. Will Rose be okay?
  11. How will she and Rey get along?
  12. Will Finn have feelings for Rose instead of Rey?
  13. Will Poe get sucked into this potential romantic Bermuda triangle somehow?
  14. Is there ANY CHANCE AT ALL that he and Finn will get together?
  15. (Why are we thinking so much about romance in a Star Wars movie?)
  16. What will Finn’s new role be with the Resistance?
  17. How many members of the Resistance are actually left?
  18. How can they possibly rebuild a formidable force from a handful of people and the Millennium Falcon?
  19. Will any of the allies who ignored Leia’s call for help show up?
  20. Speaking of Leia… what’s going to happen with Leia?
  21. Will Lando be on board for helping the Resistance?
  22. How will Poe handle his role as the new leader of the Resistance?
  23. Will Big Damn Hero Admiral Holdo get a mention?
  24. What new skills will BB-8 display?
  25. Is poor C-3P0 ever going to be able to relax?
  26. How will R2-D2 handle Luke’s death?
  27. (Luke IS really dead… right?)
  28. Will we see Canto Bight again?
  29. What about those kids who helped Finn and Rose?
  30. Will we see that betraying scumbag DJ again?
  31. Can Rose punch him really, really hard?
  32. Where is Maz Kanata now?
  33. Will she formally become part of the Resistance, or just help from the sidelines as usual?
  34. Has Kylo Ren reached maximum crazy evil, or does he still have farther to fall?
  35. Will he ever learn that Darth Vader actually repented his evil ways before he died?
  36. If so, how will he react to this?
  37. Are we going to hear James Earl Jones’ Vader-voice again?
  38. Will Kylo ever confront the fact that he straight-up murdered Han Solo??
  39. Is it even possible for him to return to the light at this point?
  40. Will Kylo have to die to be redeemed, or will he die an unrepentant villain?
  41. Should we even bother talking about “redemption” for this guy, or nah?
  42. Will Rey and Kylo continue to communicate via Force transmission?
  43. Are there more new Force powers to be discovered?
  44. How will Hux deal with having Kylo Ren as his new crazy boss?
  45. Is there any way we can get a little more information on Snoke, or has that ship sailed?
  46. What is the First Order doing to the galaxy?
  47. Are they going to try and rebuild Starkiller Base again?
  48. Is Captain Phasma really dead?
  49. Will anyone yell “Traitor!” again?
  50. Will we see more fancy stormtroopers in her wake?
  51. Hey, are we ever going to see the Knights of Ren?
  52. Is there any way for lightsaber battles to be more epic than Rey and Kylo vs. the Praetorian Guards, or Luke vs. Kylo?
  53. What will the final showdown be, if we already had a compelling confrontation between Rey and Kylo Ren?
  54. Will we finally see any familiar planets?
  55. Could we be going back to another forest planet like Endor?
  56. …Will there be ewoks?
  57. What about porgs?
  58. Is the Millennium Falcon still infested with those birdy little buggers?
  59. Will this be the final curtain call for the Falcon?
  60. And what do porgs taste like, anyway?

What questions do you still have one year after ‘Star Wars: The Last Jedi’?

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