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‘Shadowhunters’ season 2 finale: 6 unanswered questions

That’s a wrap on Shadowhunters season 2! We know who died, but we still have quite a few questions.

Wait, what? If you have not seen the Shadowhunters season 2 finale, stop reading now. We’re about to get all spoilery!

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Seriously. Did you watch it?

While the books answer quite a few of these questions, it’s hard to say if the Shadowhunters series will travel the same roads. City of Fallen Angels is the focus of season 3.

But as Todd Slavkin said at Comic-Con, “If you’ve read the books then we want you to be surprised and go on a journey.” Season 2 was quite the journey! It was an extraordinary season that carved out a spot for Shadowhunters in this era of Peak TV.

‘Shadowhunters’ season 2 finale burning questions:

What is going on with Simon and the Seelie Queen?

It is no shocker that the Seelie Queen likes to be on the “winning side.” Why else would she make a deal with Valentine ahead of his uprising? But her obsession with the daylighter gives us a bit of pause.

Simon Shadowhunters seelie queen

Simon is willing to do pretty much anything for the people he loves. So when Maia’s life is left in limbo, he gives himself over in service to the Seelie Queen to set her free. But seeing as this Queen cares more about herself and the preservation of her court than alliances with the right people, we’re likely to see Simon in some sticky situations come season 3.

Buh-bye, Valentine?

Clary’s bloodline is down one more member. One major character death loomed over this finale, and it looks like Valentine’s checks off the box. (Phew, for a second there, I thought we were going to lose Jace!)

Valentine succeeded in his plan to raise the Angel and request the deaths of all demon-blooded beings and their supporters. Clary, luckily, is able to revolt and slay her father. Will there still be a few rogue Circle members to handle in the upcoming coming season? Or did Jace take care of the strongest traitors?

What’s eating Jace?

If the supernatural genre of television has taught us anything, it is that coming back from the dead is never smooth sailing. Jace’s death causes quite the emotional turmoil for Clary and Alec.

With the Angel’s instructions to Valentine still ringing in her ears, Clary makes the decision to spill her own blood and request that Jace return to her. The Angel does not offer any warning, or even a hesitation, before returning Jace’s life.

So, what are the consequences of bringing him back? Jace immediately expresses concern rather than appreciation. And while he chooses to mask it from his parabatai, his initial reaction should give Clary some insight into his emotional state.

jace shadowhunters season finale dead

Now let’s shift our focus to that painful episode he experiences outside of Hunter’s Moon. For book fans, perhaps we already know the answer. But with the series taking a few side steps here and there, can we ever be sure?

Speaking of Clary’s bloodline, what is Lilith up to?

As Jonathan, miraculously, crawls to the shoreline he summons “mother” with his last breath and remaining blood. The demons from Edom are lying in wait, but they are not the true threat here.

A few weeks ago it was announced that Lilith was heading to Shadowhunters season 3. Her demon blood runs, or ran, in Jonathan’s veins. With Jonathan’s body in her custody, could she seek to return his life just as Clary brought back Jace?

Malec: Together forever?

You know what? We aren’t going to question this one. Let them be happy!

(And watch this gif on repeat!)

Can werewolves be detectives?

There were clues that Ollie knew a bit more than she let on in the 2B premiere.

And while we suspected that she was onto something, Luke kept keeping her on edge. Especially when she was close to convicting Simon for murder. But then Raphael wiped her memory and honestly, I forgot she was looking into Luke’s life!

Now that she is in on the secret, how much will Luke reveal? More importantly, how much does she already know or remember? Can we have a mundane in this world?

What a season! What are your burning questions or predictions for Shadowhunters season 3?

Did you enjoy the ‘Shadowhunters’ season 2 finale?

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