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5 interesting things we learned from the ‘Shadowhunters’ panel at SDCC 2017

The cast and showrunners of Freeform’s Shadowhunters took over the Hilton Bayfront on the first day of San Diego Comic-Con 2017. Check out the five most interesting things we learned from the panel!

The Shadowhunters brought their A-game to SDCC with new footage, spoilers for the rest of the season, and plenty of “WHAT?!” reactions to go around. Let’s take a look at the top five things we learned at the panel!

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New ‘Shadowhunters’ footage featuring… a dragon?

Malec in trouble? That Clary and Jace scene! And a dragon? The scenes individually are exciting, but as a whole, they feel a bit troubling. War is coming and it seems that no one is safe.

Sarah Hyland’s Seelie Queen

Sarah Hyland, of Modern Family fame (and who also happens to be Dominic Sherwood’s girlfriend), role is finally confirmed. She will play the Seelie Queen in the later episodes of 2B. The Shadowhunters gang arrived with two minutes of footage featuring Simon interacting with Hyland’s Seelie Queen.

Watch the clip here:

Book fans get ready

With everything currently going on in Shadowhunter land, it’s hard to imagine focusing on the future. But since we are getting a third season (and plenty of season 2 is yet to be seen) the creative team teases that City of Glass and the City of Fallen Angel are being tapped.

If you need some summer reading, “City of Fallen Angels is what season 3 is all about.” One thing Shaodwhunters has achieved is the ability to shock both readers and non-readers alike. Todd Slavkin speaks to the adaptation process saying, “If you’ve read the books then we want you to also be surprised and go on a journey. It’s built in that there will be devastation from the books… It leads to a nice mixture of adaptation and newness.”

Werewolves deserve stories too

More Maia? No problem. Alisha Wainwright will be a series regular in season 3! But be warned as we learned in the panel, “in these next few episodes she will break your heart.”

Additionally, expect to see a bit more of Luke and his love life. With Jocelyn at peace and Luke running back and forth between protecting Clary and preventing his pack from breaking up, it’s time for him to take a moment for himself! At least his new partner will get off his back about his love life!

Friends, lovers, and other strangers

The cast took some time to reflect on their characters, providing some tough love when necessary and praise where it is well-deserved. Katherine McNamara notes that Clary should probably take some time for herself before going after either Simon or Jace. Alberto Rosende commends Izzy’s (Emeraude Toubia) strength in how she chooses to overcome weakness.

Meanwhile, there is some disparity among the cast about whether the series has any happiness left in season 2. Matthew Daddario mentions that Alec will become happier, but Dominic Sherwood seems shocked asking if they are on the same show.

As for Magnus, Harry Shum Jr. mentions that right now “Magnus is consumed with his past – we can expect to see him reacting to Alec’s new position.” And while “he’s trying to be as strong as he can… it’s really difficult when you have these walls you just put down and now he has to put them back up.”

Uh-oh. This combined with that action we saw in the teaser does not bode well for Malec.

But Harry adds, “[Magnus]’s gone through so much that I think he can overcome this.” Phew!

Related: Dominic Sherwood tells Hypable: Jace’s story will be “worse than anything we’ve ever seen so far.”

Ultimately, the overall consensus seems to be that things are going to get a lot worse before they get better.

And finally, one more note about the future. Lilith, the literal mother of all warlocks, is coming! Plus, does the name Jordan ring a bell? With Maia sticking around that name will surely set off some alarms!

Shadowhunters season 2, episode 17, “A Dark Reflection,” airs Monday, July 24 at 8:00 p.m. ET on Freeform.

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