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SDCC: ‘Legacies’ teases ‘Hopeless’ world in season 2

The Legacies cast and creatives had a lot to answer for at SDCC after that season 1 finale cliffhanger.

Cast members Danielle Rose Russell (Hope), Aria Shaghashemi (Landon), Kaylee Bryant (Josie), Jenny Boyd (Lizzie), Quincy Fouse (M.G.), Peyton Alex Smith (Rafael) and Matt Davis (Alaric) along with showrunners Julie Plec and Brett Matthews took the stage at SDCC finale to talk about all of the things to come in Legacies season 2.

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The show’s panel began with a cute video that the cast put together for the SDCC audience. The room was filled with smiles as fans watched funny clips, bloopers, and interviews with the cast about their characters. The video really made it clear how much fun they have on their supernatural boarding school set! It’s not online yet, but we’ll update this post with the video when it’s released.

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Following the video, the Legacies team answered questions from the panel moderator, Candice King, who fans of The Vampire Diaries and The Originals will know as Caroline Forbes, the mother of Lizzie and Josie Saltzman.

It was amazing to have someone so close to the world and the team moderate the panel, and it gave the whole thing a really personal and intimate vibe. Unfortunately, Candice did not confirm that Caroline will be featuring in Legacies season 2, but she did get a lot of other information out of the cast and creatives.

Here’s everything we learned about Legacies season 2 at SDCC.

  • Legacies season 2 will pick up after the school’s summer break. Kaylee Bryant teased that some students have stayed at the school over the break while others have left, so there will be some “new dynamics” at play. “Characters are interacting with each other that didn’t get to interact as much in season one,” Jenny Boyd added.
  • School will be back in session, but Alaric will no longer be headmaster, after being voted out in the season one finale. Matt Davis all but confirmed that Alaric will become the principal of Mystic Falls High, though, and he also said that a high school rivalry would be reignited!
  • The new headmaster of the Salvatore Boarding School “may see the kids and their powers differently than Alaric does. He may or may not remove all the restrictions that Alaric was putting in place to protect them from themselves,” Davis divulged.
  • There will be a new vampire at the school named Sebastian, played by Thomas Doherty, who will be a love interest for Lizzie. “He’s a very old vampire and has some old ideas about the way things work, but Lizzie might be kind of into that,” Jenny Boyd say, coyly. Unsurprisingly, M.G. will probably butt heads with M.G.
  • Season 2 will feature two new characters who are brother and sister who will be fighting for Hope’s attention.
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  • Shocker! Julie Plec confirmed that Hope may have been erased from the minds of the Legacies characters, but we’ll be seeing her pretty soon. Unfortunately, it looks like Malivore will probably be returning with her. “Hope had the best intentions and she may or may not have gotten a few ingredients in the recipe wrong, so when we come back, she’s in Malivore and nobody remembers who she is or that she existed. Her entire goal as we come back is to get the hell out,” Plec revealed. She went on to say, “we’re going to see Hope on the other side of her sacrifice, taking her first steps in her new existence.
  • We know that Legacies has already explored what a “Hopeless” world would look like in Lizzie Saltzman’s Legacies. Now that Hope is gone, we could see elements of that, but it won’t be the full picture. Jenny Boyd hinted at a return to Lizzie’s “descent into insanity” that was explored in that episode, but Brett Matthews assured us that “the difference is, that was a world in which Hope had never existed. Hope has affected this world greatly, and these characters greatly. They just don’t remember she ever existed.”
  • Alaric will have a new love interest in Legacies season 2, and she will be the town’s new sheriff! Her name will be Mac, named after Marguerite MacIntyre who portrayed Sheriff Forbes on The Vampire Diaries.
  • With Hope gone and Rafael locked in his wolf form, Landon is “just sort of floating in the wind,” Aria Shaghashemi confessed. As far as his family’s concerned, “he knows that there’s a connection to Malivore and I’m not really sure about anything beyond that,” he added.
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  • Unsurprisingly, Josie and Lizzie will handle the news of the merge very differently. “You’ll find Josie digging a lot,” Kaylee Bryant said. Josie will have “a lot more scenes with Alaric” in season 2, while Lizzie will be “taking a step back.”
  • Lizzie will begin season 2 with a visit to Caroline in Europe, while Josie stays behind to research the merge. Lizzie will be having a “semester of yes,” and is “a lot more carefree” with Hope gone.
  • In terms of Lizzie’s mental health, “we’re delving deeper into that,” Boyd said. “We’re touching on that in the first couple episodes in a really interesting way.” As far as Josie’s concerned, “Josie is far more conscious of her codependency and is speaking up a lot more,” Bryant a lot more back and forth between us
  • Whether or not Malivore is still around, the “monster of the week” format will continue into season 2. “We love monsters of the week,” Brett Matthews said. He also divulged that future monsters could include an evil Santa Claus and an evil Cupid!
  • Nia will not appear in season 2 because, “every snake that moves on that girl’s head is like $7000,” Plec said, regrettably.
  • There will be a scene featuring Pedro’s younger brother who will be played by Reznor Malaiik Allen’s actual brother.
  • We will meet Caleb’s sister in Legacies season 2.
  • An episode featuring Freya Mikaelson has been written, but due to Riley Voelkel’s schedule conflicts with Roswell, New Mexico, the cameo may need to be restructured.

Legacies season 2 premieres on Thursday, October 10 at 9/8c on the CW.

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