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‘Legacies’ season 2: All the questions we’re dying to see answered

Summer may just be beginning, but that doesn’t mean we aren’t already looking forward to what may lay ahead in Legacies season 2.

I mean, who isn’t excited for Legacies season 2? There’s so much to look forward to, especially after that incredible season 1 finale. And I must admit that this tweet from Brett Matthews earlier this week may have amped up my excitement a notch or two.

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So, with no further ado, here are all the questions I have regarding Legacies season 2. Make sure to add any I may have missed in the comments below!

All our ‘Legacies’ season 2 questions

    Questions about Hope

  • Did Hope kill Malivore? Or just close it to new monsters? Or neutralize it somehow?
  • How trapped is she in there?
  • Is she alone there like each of the monsters have described, or is she able to communicate with the other creatures trapped in Malivore?
  • Will she be able to escape or does she have to be released by Malivore?
  • What does Hope being in Malivore mean for possible guest stars?
  • Since Hope will be collectively forgotten, is there any chance we may get to see Freya, Keelin, Marcel, Davina or any of our favorite Originals characters, or is all hope lost on that front?
  • Is it possible that Raf still remembers Hope since he isn’t in his human mind at the moment she enters Malivore?
  • Will Raf change back at the next full moon?
  • How does the charm Hope gave Raf work? Does he have to stay in wolf form literally until she frees him?
  • If Raf doesn’t remember Hope, how will Hope’s disappearance affect his relationship with Landon?
  • Is there any way that Landon could remember Hope, since he, arguably, has the strongest emotional ties to her?
  • If Raf remembers Hope before Landon, how will that affect Handon’s relationship?
  • Who will be the first person to remember Hope?
  • How much time will pass before we see Hope again at the school?
  • How will Hope’s absence change the relationships between all the other characters?
  • Questions about the Merge and the twins

  • How will knowing about the Merge affect the twins’ future?
  • Are the twins going to start their own Merge/curse research?
  • Will their newfound knowledge of the Merge affect their relationship for the worse or for the better?
  • Lizzie has been especially prickled by Hope’s presence in her life in the past, how will she react to a Hope-less world?
  • Will Lizzie have a true love interest next season?
  • When we next see Josie, will she still be pining for Penelope, or will she have moved on to new romantic interests?
  • Will the Merge have an affect on the twins’ everyday lives, or are they going to leave the fretting for their mom and dad?
  • Questions about the future of the school (and Alaric’s romantic future)

  • Is there any hope that Caroline will return to the Salvatore School to help Alaric with the school’s new mission?
  • Could there be new supernatural leaders in our future to help Alaric run the school (especially if Caroline is not coming home anytime soon)?
  • Is there a chance that one of Alaric’s supernatural friends could end up returning to help him run the Salvatore School?
  • Will Emma and Alaric ever figure out their romantic timing?
  • Will the school take a more proactive approach to preparing its students?
  • Is teaching offensive magic, feeding the vamps human blood, and letting the werewolves fully embrace their wolf sides really a good idea?
  • How will we be seeing more monsters next season if all the Malivore keys have been dealt with?
  • Will monster hunting become a more active part of the Salvatore school mission?
  • Questions about Triad

  • What is Triad up to besides Malivore?
  • Will Triad be around long-term or are their days numbered?
  • Is there any chance that Clark will survive Malivore?
  • What kind of future relationship could there be for Landon and Clark (if Clark survives Malivore)?
  • Who is the head/CEO of Triad?
  • Will Triad be sending monsters to the Salvatore School as a form of payback for closing Malivore?
  • Questions about the other students at the Salvatore School

  • M.G. and his mother had quite a falling out at the end of season 1, so will they still be a bit estranged in Legacies season 2?
  • Is there hope for M.G. and his mother’s relationship, or is her work with Triad going to keep them at odds for a while longer?
  • Will we see M.G.’s father again, or is that relationship irreparable at this point?
  • How about Kaleb’s family? Will we ever see him with them?
  • Does Kaleb’s family know he’s a vampire?
  • Will we learn the lineage of any of the wolves in Legacies season 2?
  • Are any of the werewolves at the Salvatore school descendents of the Lockwoods?
  • Will Jed’s lineage ever come into play?
  • What new characters can we look forward to seeing next season?
  • We know that the Bennett line of witches has a very complicated and elaborate history. As does that of the original Mikaelson witch, Esther. Will we learn about any new witch lines that serve a significant purpose?
  • What line of witches does Penelope Park hail from?
  • Will we get any new cameos from Vampire Diaries characters we haven’t seen yet?
  • And most importantly, when we will see Penelope Park again?

What questions do you want to see answered in ‘Legacies’ season 2?

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