2:45 pm EDT, November 11, 2015

Who are the ‘Scream Queens’ babies Gigi is cradling?

The plot thickens as we get more revelations and more questions.

This week Scream Queens revealed that there are, in fact, two mystery babies from 1995, so who are they?

As we predicted early on in the season, Gigi was not all that she seemed and is harboring many secrets. A few weeks ago we learned that she is indeed involved in the killings and is in cahoots with the Red Devils. This week we learn that, not only did she take the bathtub-born baby, she also had another secret baby. Count ’em, that’s one baby girl and one baby boy.

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scream queens boone clemens

It’s probably a safe assumption that both of those babies are the two Red Devils. We know Boone is one Red Devil, so he would be the male baby, but that still leaves us with the question we’ve had since episode one: who is the girl baby?

We also find out this week that bathtub-born baby is not Grace, so assuming the girl baby is the other Red Devil, this takes Grace off the horned suspect list. It’s also not Chanel, as this week we were given some insight into Chanel’s past and her mother (assuming what she said is true, and we definitely believe it is).

Hester is our (current) number one choice for the identity of the girl baby, and therefore the second Red Devil. She has morbid tendencies, we see that often enough, and a very intense personality, befitting that of a serial killer. We don’t know anything about her past and her family either, so it’s more than plausible that she was raised by Gigi. As for Hester’s terrified reaction to seeing the dead bodies in the Shady Lane house, she could have been faking it. For whatever reason, maybe she led Chad there because she wanted someone to see the dead bodies, to see her work. The girl is crazy, it’s hard to put anything past her.

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But what if the bathtub-born baby isn’t the second Red Devil? Even if Hester is the girl baby, it’s still possible someone else is helping Boone and Gigi kill everyone. For instance, we still don’t know much about Pete. He does have a Red Devil costume and he’s suspiciously absent during much of the chaotic moments.

Then there’s Wes. So, it wasn’t his girlfriend who died giving birth to bathtub baby, but he still was at that party, thus attended Wallace University at the same time as Gigi. Grace speculates that Wes and Gigi must have known each other during their time at university. Is it possible then, that Wes and Gigi have been secretly seeing each other for 20 years? Or perhaps they only got in touch recently, for a bonding exercise of killing KKT pledges and acquaintances.

The only thing we know for sure is that even when we get answers, somehow we also just get more questions, and the identity of these Scream Queens babies is just the wick of the candle.

Who do you think are the ‘Scream Queens’ babies?

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