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‘Scream Queens’-inspired perfumes for every type of girl

Are you more spicy, sweet, or minty?

You get a fragrance! And you get a fragrance! And you get a fragrance!

This week, Chanel Oberlin revealed that one day in her future she will have a perfume. But what would that smell like? When you think of Chanel, what scents go through your nose? And for that matter, what about some of the other characters? The Scream Queens gang has some strong personalities, so here’s what we think they’d want their fragrance to smell like.

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Revenge by Chanel Oberlin

scream queens chanel oberlin

Often fashionable and always confident, the Revenge girl isn’t afraid to speak her mind and tell it like it is. She loves to be the center of attention, as does her fragrance. Her scent is strong like her personality, so much so that it can sometimes be overpowering.

Revenge smells minty and crisp, like a cold winter day, with a subtle spicy zip that reflects the snark and sass of the Revenge girl. The peppermint is a refreshing aroma that gives the illusion of cleanliness and refinement, all traits the Revenge girl has in spades.

Girl Next Door by Grace Gardner

scream queens grace gardner

The Girl Next Door is as sweet as pie and as cute as a puppy. She floats on a cloud like a Greek goddess, with a spirit that is always pleasant and upbeat. The sugary scent of this fragrance is indicative of the Girl Next Door’s demure and kind nature. Despite being so universally admired, she is always humble and doesn’t let the admiration go to her head.

When people catch the honeyed, candied aroma, they can’t help but smile and feel a sudden sereneness sweep through their body. Wherever the Girl Next Door goes, she brings with her an infectious positivity that’s only rivaled by a saccharine dessert.

Scrumptious by Zayday Williams

scream queens zayday williams

Nobody will be able to keep their eyes off of the Scrumptious girl. She is full of personality and wit, and isn’t afraid to indulge once in a while. She loves to have a laugh and sometimes her jokes are really cheesy, but it’s part of what makes her endearing.

This powerful fragrance is both spicy and savory, befitting the cheeky and charming character of the Scrumptious girl. Men and women alike won’t be able to tell whether they’re hungry for nachos or hungry for the Scrumptious girl.

Where the Wild Things Are by Jennifer

scream queens jennifer

Always feel one with nature with the new scent from Jennifer. For the girl who enjoys weekends by a fire, Where the Wild Things Are reminds you of the smoky scent of burning wood. It combines the musk of a bonfire with the fragrance of the floweriest candle.

The Where the Wild Things Are girl is rather reserved and timid, as reflected by the subtle scents of a burning fire. She doesn’t like to stand out, and can often be found by herself with a good book or listening to music.

Menace by the Red Devil

scream queens red devil

The Menace girl is confident, sensual, and always in the mood for fun. She has a wild side, and is often touted as being the ‘bad girl’ because of her lack of inhibitions and an ability to get what she wants, no matter the cost.

This salty scent adds zest to her personality and an extra spring in her step as she struts down the street. The fragrance lasts all day and night, which is perfect for the Menace girl, who can often be found out on the town late at night. A coppery, blood-like, metallic tang is intimidating to others, just as a Menace girl likes to be.

Which ‘Scream Queens’-inspired perfume would you wear?

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