3:15 pm EDT, May 15, 2019

‘Pokémon Rumble Rush’ brings the chibi beat ’em up series to mobile

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Pokémon Rumble Rush continues the Rumble series on mobile devices, joining the likes of the mega popular Pokémon GO.

Pokémon Rumble is a spinoff series of the main Pokémon games, and features many Pokémon in battles as they use elemental attacks to defeat small, toy-like versions of themselves in real-time skirmishes. The Pokémon Company posted an announcement for the mobile device sequel on May 15, giving players a taste of what’s to come in the handheld touchscreen title Pokémon Rumble Rush.

“As you battle wild Pokémon, some of them will join your team. Keep collecting more Pokémon to build up an assortment of heavy hitters,” says the announcement post. “Plus, the more you collect the same species of Pokémon, the stronger those Pokémon will be when they join you!”

The release for Pokémon Rumble Rush continues, “There are two kinds of gears—power gears, which boost a Pokémon’s individual stats and make it more effective in battle, and summon gears, which allow a Pokémon to temporarily call another Pokémon into battle.”

While there isn’t a release window for the game quite yet, the title has already released for Android devices in Australia, meaning that players are able to access the game now if they change their region settings in the Google Play Store.

The Pokémon Rumble series originated on the Nintendo Wii 2009, and was followed by a 2011 3DS sequel titled Pokémon Rumble blast, which was then followed by a 2013 Wii U game Pokémon Rumble U. A 2015 freemium sequel for the Nintendo 3DS was released exclusively on the Nintendo eShop for the handheld console. The series acts as a cousin to the 2008 Nintendo Wii title My Pokémon Ranch, with the Rumble games borrowing character models from the eShop title.

Pokémon Rumble Rush will be a free-to-start game for iOS and Android devices, with a TBA worldwide release.

Source: Pokémon PR

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