This time last year, the whole world was outside playing Pokémon Go. Can a significant update get us off our asses again?

With the one-year anniversary of Pokémon Go coming up, Niantic is looking back on its incredible success, as well as gearing up for an event-filled summer which will be of particular interest to players in Chicago, and Yokohama and Europe.

The Verge has spoken to Niantic boss John Hanke about what’s ahead for the mobile game sensation, and yes — as we reported nine months ago — you will be able to battle other trainers directly. Eventually.

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Due to the massive initial success of Pokémon Go, Hanke admits that they, “had to redirect a substantial portion of the engineering team to [work on] infrastructure versus new features,” which now has them on a six-month delay in terms of developing the much-anticipated player-versus-player and trading aspects of the game.

These two features are probably what players (and former players, myself included) have been hoping for since the very beginning. Catching Pokémon is fun and all, but without a proper interacting system, it is still primarily a solo experience. Plus, what’s the point of leveling up if you never get to do any real battling except for the weird tap-tap-tap gym fights?

Until we get those features, we can at least have fun catching all the gen 2 Pokémon that were added to the game back in February.

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