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‘Pokémon GO’ Gen 2 list and tricks: Everything to know about the major update

There are 80 new Pokémon to catch and slightly different game play has been added. Here’s everything you need to know about Pokémon GO Gen 2, including a complete list and must-know tricks!

By now you’ve heard the news: generation 2 Pokémon have been added to last summer’s blockbuster hit mobile game Pokémon Go. I will admit that though hype for the game died down significantly last fall, I, for one, never stopped playing!

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In fact, just last week I completed my North American generation 1 Pokedex, thank you very much (that’s every generation 1 Pokemon, the 8 baby Pokemon that were added in December, but not the region exclusives). So what exactly does that mean for the game? How can you catch them? What new features have been added to the game? We’ve broken down some of the details for you below!

What is Generation 2, exactly?

When Pokémon GO was released last summer, it included all of the “generation 1” Pokémon. These are the Pokémon that were originally released with the first ever Pokémon game over 20 years ago on Blue and Red. Generation 2 came with the next wave of games a year later in Gold and Silver. Those generation 2 monsters are now catchable in Go. And although there is code in the game for the legendaries in both Gen 1 and Gen 2, they have not appeared in the game.

‘Pokémon GO’ Gen 2 list of Pokémon

Here is a list of Gen 2 Pokémon that should now be appearing in Pokémon GO:

152 Chikorita
153 Bayleef
154 Meganium
155 Cyndaquil
156 Quilava
157 Typhlosion
158 Totodile
159 Croconaw
160 Feraligatr
161 Sentret
162 Furret
163 Hoothoot
164 Noctowl
165 Ledyba
166 Ledian
167 Spinarak
168 Ariados
169 Crobat
170 Chinchou
171 Lanturn
172 Pichu
173 Cleffa
174 Igglybuff
175 Togepi
176 Togetic
177 Natu
178 Xatu
179 Mareep
180 Flaaffy
181 Ampharos
182 Bellossom
183 Marill
184 Azumarill
185 Sudowoodo
186 Politoed
187 Hoppip
188 Skiploom
189 Jumpluff
190 Aipom
191 Sunkern
192 Sunflora
193 Yanma
194 Wooper
195 Quagsire
196 Espeon
197 Umbreon
198 Murkrow
199 Slowking
200 Misdreavus
201 Unown
202 Wobbuffet
203 Girafarig
204 Pineco
205 Forretress
206 Dunsparce
207 Gligar
208 Steelix
209 Snubbull
210 Granbull
211 Qwilfish
212 Scizor
213 Shuckle
214 Heracross
215 Sneasel
216 Teddiursa
217 Ursaring
218 Slugma
219 Magcargo
220 Swinub
221 Piloswine
222 Corsola
223 Remoraid
224 Octillery
225 Delibird
226 Mantine
227 Skarmory
228 Houndour
229 Houndoom
230 Kingdra
231 Phanpy
232 Donphan
233 Porygon2
234 Stantler
235 Smeargle
236 Tyrogue
237 Hitmontop
238 Smoochum
239 Elekid
240 Magby
241 Miltank
242 Blissey
243 Raikou
244 Entei
245 Suicune
246 Larvitar
247 Pupitar
248 Tyranitar
249 Lugia
250 Ho_oh
251 Celebi

What’s new in ‘Pokemon GO’ besides new Pokemon?

Aside from the actual release of the Gen 2 Pokemon, the app itself got an upgrade this week with a handful of new and useful features. We previously reported the new details when Niantic, the company who makes the game, originally sent out the press release. But here are some new things you will see that weren’t mentioned.

  • New music: Along with Gen 2 came music that closely resembles the music used in the original Gold and Silver games. You will also hear a change in the music when you are playing during the day compared to at night. You’ll also hear different music during the Pokémon encounter screen (when you’re throwing the Poké Balls).
  • New Pokédex icons: Some of the Gen 1 Pokemon got slight makeovers with their icons that appear in the Nearby screen and the Pokedex screen. Zubat, Golbat, Seaking and Aerodacty received changes, just to name a few (there may be others).

  • New avatar customizations: As previously reported, there are new customizations that are free for your avatar. I decided to make mine go bare-foot so that at least one of us is connected to the earth while we walk and stare at our screens playing this game. But also added are new accessories that you can purchase to customize, things like glasses, new bags, and new shirts.

  • Critical Catch: Traditionally, you throw a Poké Ball, it rattles three times and you’ve caught the Pokemon. Now, if you use a curveball throw you may be able to catch the Pokémon with no rattles, a.k.a. a “critical catch.”
  • Eevee evolution name hacks are back: Just as with Gen 1’s Vaporeon, Flareon and Jolteon, Gen 2 adds two more Eevee evolutions that can use a name hack. If you change your Eevee’s name to Sakura, your Eevee will evolve into Espeon. If you change your Eevee’s name to Tamao, your Eevee will evolve into Umbreon. Note that this hack can only be done once. After that, it’s completely random.
  • Pokémon GO’s Twitter account also tweeted tonight that evolved Pokemon caught in the wild will receive more candies. This means you will get more candies for catching a Pidgeotto than you will when you catch a Pidgey, for example.
  • Your bag has not expanded: By default, you are able to carry 300 Pokemon at once. That means if you plan on catching all 140 available Gen 1 and Gen 2 Pokemon, you’re going to need to spend a few bucks to upgrade your bag capacity. 100 PokéCoins costs $0.99. A bag upgrade will give you 50 more open slots for Pokémon and costs 200 Pokécoins.

More ‘Pokémon GO’ updates for hard-core trainers

For fans who play on the regular, there are some other changes to the game that may effect your game play.

  • Now that Crobat and Kingdra have been added to Pokémon GO, Zubat and Horsea now only need 25 candies to evolve.
  • Many move attacks have changed their value. For example, Hyper Beam is now 150.
  • Togetic is now catchable in the wild (sorry if Togepi has been your buddy Pokemon since December and you’re at 49 candies!)
  • Togetic is reportedly harder to catch in the wild than Dragonite.
  • The baby Gen 2 Pokémon that were previously only able to be hatched in eggs are now catchable in the wild. That includes Pichu, Cleffa, Igglybuff, Togepi, Smoochum, Elekid and Magby.
  • The game will balance out Pokémon CP to even out game play sometimes. Some Pokémon will get higher CP while others will get lower CP. In this update, Lapras has been “nerfed” (as fans have come to call it) and will have lower CP in the game.
  • HootHoot and Sentret are confirmed as the new Pokemon Ditto hides as. There may be others as we learn more about Gen 2.
  • As of this writing there are no new region exclusives. You may recall the Gen 1 region exclusives: Tauros for North America, Mr. Mime for Europe, Farfetch’d for Asia and Kangaskhan for Australia.

I, for one, don’t plan on putting Pokémon GO down for the entire weekend. We’ll be sure to update you with even more important details as the refresh and expansion of the game continues to be discovered.

If you have other observations about Pokémon GO, feel free to leave them in the comments below.

For now, feast your eyes and be jealous of Twitter user @KaylaAndRuss, who caught a wild Tyranitaur in the first hours of Gen 2 being released!

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