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Episode #339: ‘Pitch’ Series Wrap Up – We Need More

Hosted by Danielle, Ariana, Kendra, Brittany, and Natalie

June 15, 2020

The ReWatchable hosts return for the Pitch series wrap up episode discussing what might have been if the series went on, and the season as a whole.

Superfans: Danielle and Ariana
Newbies: Kendra, Natalie, and Brittany

Fun Facts:
Kendra went on her first overnight hike last week and her dog took on her guard dog persona and got super excited about seeing a beaver! And now the hosts are all afraid of beavers. Brittany watch Staged and absolutely delightful experience. Natalie is finally podcasting in her library (for the benefit of her neighbors) and is officially giving it a test run as it is meant to be her official podcasting spacing going forward. Ariana’s cat is being insane and kept her up all night. Throwing a all-nighter in this environment? Come on. Danielle has been watching a lot of Baby Daddy thanks to Ariana’s suggestion sprinkling in some Young and Hungry and Sense8.

(Which we recapped, listen here: Sense8 1×01 Discussion)

Pitch series wrap up discussion
– High points of the series
– What has stuck with us the most about the series?
– Are there series about sports outside of this that are not set in high school?
– What other sports lend themselves to series?
– We do have some suggestions here, but they aren’t the same: Check out these shows featuring competitive sports
– The access that Pitch had to the MLB was a unique outlying factor and something that other series might not be able to acquire
– Ginny’s emotional journey was another highlight of the series
– Mike Lawson arc needed some more room, but they did a great job setting him up and teasing out his path
– We love a good will they/won’t they
– Oscar is a saint and needs more screen time
– The opening segment is one of the best parts of the series, but some runner ups include the red dress, the photo shoot, the almost kiss, hiring Livan, and so many other small moments
– The flashbacks were not a hinderance! What a concept!
– Ginny bonding with her teammates allowed for the supporting characters to have some time in the spotlight
– Low points of the series (besides the cancellation!)
– Some underlying threads lost their luster episode to episode
– We do kind of wish Amelia was a bit better at her job…
– Mini fridges are still stupid
– What were we missing? What did we want to see in the Pitch future?
– Some moments: Blip and Mike’s continued fallout, Blip and Evelyn flashbacks, Ginny on disability, and Ginny’s future in the league, Ginny and Livan’s partnership (on the field? off the field?), Oscar and Al flashbacks!!
– Ginny’s family and history needed some more exploration as well
– How would the show play in the contemporary landscape?
– What is the optimal run for the series?
– Would we watch it again?
– We should all remember Mo’ne Davis, the inspiration for the series!
– Everyone should read Ariana’s coverage of the Pitch PaleyFest panel!

We have a backlog of feedback to get through:
– Some thoughts on Ginny’s plot line in the final stretch of episodes
– The power dynamic between Ginny and Mike is a bit… cringe? But also not?
Pitch appreciation!

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Listener Feedback:
– Let us know your favorite baseball movies!

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