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Episode #336: ‘Pitch’ 1×08 – Oh, My Duckling

Hosted by Danielle, Ariana, Kendra, and Brittany

May 18, 2020

ReWatchable reconvenes the court to discuss the events of Pitch season 1, episode 8, “Unstoppable Forces and Immovable Objects.”

Superfans: Danielle and Ariana
Newbies: Kendra and Brittany

Fun Facts: Kendra has us beat yet again for fun quarantine activities and this week she hosted a pop culture themed murder mystery virtual escape room. Brittany walked down her hallway! Ariana has an update for us about her Google fit activity — she has been upping her daily step count! 10K a day keeps the laziness away! We’re running low on fun facts, but we do learn that Danielle’s cat plays fetch with a toy taco! She can play for the Padres!

Hey Pitch is on Hulu now!

Pitch season 1, episode 8, “Unstoppable Forces and Immovable Objects”
– These are the episodes of Pitch Danielle has been waiting for!
– What did we think about the return of Ginny’s brother?
– Will’s return is not exactly a fun return, but his life is stacked against Ginny’s
– EW did an interview about this episode with the Pitch writers. You can read it here.
– Evelyn! No! Do not get swayed by Will’s restaurant business
– Amelia and Ginny should probably talk about Ginny’s family a bit more
– Were Amelia’s actions above board here? Or did it cross a line?
– It does not rain in California. 17 rain outs in 40 years. Can you believe it?
– Mike is having a rough go of it. A really rough go.
– Al values having Mike in the clubhouse, which is a huge endorsement. He needs him in more than one place.
– No more speeches, let’s rally the troops another way and get everyone off their phones!
– Where does the money go to that they raise during the hearings?
– Can we have a ReWatchable pizza party with the money?
– Buck would NEVER give that sign.
– Also, Mike calm down that was an explosive episode
– Good on Ginny for taking the high road here and also being concerned about what was going on underneath the outbursts
– Can’t you see that we are destined to be together?! Who hasn’t had this crush though?
– Mike completely told on himself here when he listed all the things he loves, err, notices about Ginny
– How was her humming on a scale of Off Key to Katy Perry?
– Do Mike and Ginny have “Firework” potential?
– Wait, why is Mike going to the Cubs?
– “It’s okay for me to want this thing for myself” – maybe this isn’t just about shipping! Is this even ReWatchable?
– Blip had some great one-liners in this episode
– Livan and Ginny are flirty, but in a good and innocent way that makes us want to see them work together forever
– Oscar is basically a fireman — get the people towels, fix the field, don’t refund tickets, and please get Mike to leave!
– Charlie needs a new fridge (Brittany will die on this hill)
– Oscar needs a raise
– Favorite Scenes
– Favorite Lines

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Listener Feedback:
– Welcome to Kevin’s Korner! Because we use alliteration here!
– So many answers to things that we have missed
– The more the merrier for Pitch! Join us!

Kendra’s Kontemplations and Brittany’s Brainstorms:
Pitch season 1, episode 9, “Scratched”

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