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Episode #337: ‘Pitch’ 1×09 – Mike-O-Mania

Hosted by Danielle, Ariana, Kendra, Natalie and Brittany

May 26, 2020

ReWatchable steps up to the plate for the penultimate episode of the season discussing Pitch season 1, episode 9, “Scratched.”

Superfans: Danielle and Ariana
Newbies: Kendra, Natalie and Brittany

Fun Facts: Ariana has a fun, fun fact — HER FIRST TV EPISODE IS GOING TO BE ON!! Watch Roswell, New Mexico on the CW! And she has an IMDB page! While on Hulu, Natalie realized that Pitch is the first show we’ve done on here that she is very sad that there is no more! We feel so unfulfilled, but in the mean time there is fan fiction and Avatar: The Last Airbender chats! Brittany is flying through a rewatch of the series. Kendra is excited that her drive-in movie theater is opening and will safely enjoy films from her car with her dog! Danielle has been ordering in food and she is ordering a full brunch spread AND a full rib dinner for 2 (to eat over multiple days).

Hey Pitch is on Hulu now!

Pitch season 1, episode 9, “Scratched”
– Blip is not pleased about the restaurant business dealings over dinner, but he wants to please everyone
– Evelyn calls in backup when she realizes that things are not adding up
– Natalie consults the Wikipage to get a sense of who Ginny’s brother is… it’s not wrong…
– He is Mr. Confident, has the paperwork, but his actions move too fast
– Did he buy the kitchen equipment?
– He’s the Zuckerberg of Mo-Cap
– We know nothing else about this man. He’s rich.
– Romance is happening elsewhere! With Al’s daughter!
– Oscar tells her to stay, but she never does what the men in her life want. You go girl.
– Natalie is on her way to work internationally, but would she have stuck around if the show went on?
– She and our Natalie both have a nose ring and are cool
– Mike-O-Mania time, that’s why you are all here right?
– Let’s break down why Mike is agreeing to a trade
– Mike gets his ovation at home
– What does it mean that this was taken out of his hands and wasn’t his decision?
– How did we think the interaction with Mike and Livan played out in the locker room?
– Forget Livan, how do you say goodbye to Ginny?
– Start by nailing her cleats to her locker
– And then text her to come to the bar
– Hug her on the street
– And then find you’re staying
– Did they bring in this romance too soon?
– We have conflicting feelings about this. Romance wins out.
– Next week: Pitch the Cats musical! So many players may or may not be coming!
– It’s the FINALE!
– Favorite Scenes
– Favorite Lines

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Listener Feedback:
– Kevin’s Korner hits a bit of a rough patch as we enter Tech versus At Bat!
– Brittany runs another highly scientific show

Kendra’s Kontemplations, Fisher’s Forecasts and Brittany’s Brainstorms:
Pitch season 1, episode 10, “Don’t Say It”

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