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Episode #271: ‘Sense8’ 1×01 — What Is Going On?

Hosted by Danielle, Karen, Caitlin and Brittany

July 10, 2018

Join ReWatchable as we prepare to launch our journey into Sense8 with season 1, episode 1, “Limbic Resonance.”

Superfans: Danielle and Karen
Newbies: Caitlin and Brittany

Fun Facts:
Brittany just flew back from Milwaukee after seeing a Shawn Mendes concert. Caitlin is going to start teaching English to Chinese children very early in the morning. Karen is hanging out with Danielle and they are going to see Ant-Man. Karen took all of Danielle’s fun facts, but she did also see The Fifth Element for the first time.

Sense8 season 1, episode 1, “Limbic Resonance”
-Newbies react to the series
-There is a lot to set up and it is happening pretty slowly
-That was some opening scene — but was it too much?
-There are a lot of people, like Will the cute cop
-Riley is a DJ and better than that other Riley
-And then there is Lito the actor
-Sun works in her family’s company with her brother
-And there is a female scientist who is getting married (Kala)
-Felix is the best but not part of the cluster
-Capheus loves Van Damme
-Then there are the sexy girlfriends (Nomi and Amanita)
-What do we think about their jobs and the places showcased?
-Favorite Scenes
-Favorite Lines

Listener Feedback:
-If our episodes go up late, reach out to Karen, we’re definitely sticking to a schedule
-We will be your excuse any time
-Stick with the series!

Brittany’s Brainstorms/Caitlin’s Conjectures:
Sense8 season 1, episode 2, “I Am Also a We”

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