NATWP Podcast

Episode #68 – The New Class

Hosted by Natalie Fisher and Karen Rought

June 20, 2014

It’s that time again. Karen and Natalie bring you a massive spoiler round-up in advance of next week’s Teen Wolf season 4 premiere!

Featured Song: “Something’s Coming” from West Side Story

– Spoiler alert for this entire episode. Seriously. It’s all spoilers. You can only blame yourself if you listen to this and get spoiled against your will.
– Isaac is not coming back, and Karen is not a morning person.
Teen Wolf has done a few press release announcements for new characters, including the mysterious and masculine Fahey.
– Of course, the most prominent newbies are the Degrassi: The Next Generation lacrosse boys.
– Confession: we’ve been holding out on you about the whole Liam thing.
– Some commentary from Tyler Hoechlin has us once again discussing the technicalities of beta-hood.
– What’s the deal with The Benefactor? Also, Deadpool?
– We’ve seen a couple of season 4 episodes already – thanks for the screeners, MTV!
– We talk about our overall impressions of the new Teen Wolf, the feel, the vibe, the aura.
– How’s Malia doing? Hilariously.
– We’re looking forward to Lydia’s presence this season, and we have a new ship for her.
– Word has got around about the whole True Alpha thing.
– The premiere’s twist involving Derek is pretty whack.
– Jeff gets really excited about telling people things, but we hope that not too much more gets spoiled!
– There’s a great new parental relationship for one of the new characters.
– Also, lacrosse is really extremely very back, you guys.
– We’ve gotta discuss the golden new title sequence – Derek still likes to bake!
– We annoyingly give the vaguest spoilers in the world about the episodes that we’ve seen.
– What’s going to happen to Peter this season?
– There’s a few new monsters coming – how many creatures lurk in the pages of Gerard’s bestiary?
– What are we most excited for, this season?
– Natalie is categorically not excited for one aspect of season 4.
– Shipping and romance – how’s that going to turn out this season?
We hit a huge tumblr milestone and so in return we’ve got a pretty huge giveaway!
– We’re bad at dealing with emotions.
– We do a bit of impromptu scheduling on air.
– Non Sequitur is back and involves swords.
– Natalie might quit the show if we have to deal with an epidemic/quarantine plot.

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