Hype Podcast

Special #9 – ‘Star Wars: The Force Awakens’

Hosted by Selina Wilken, Andrew Sims, Donya Abramo, Michal Schick, Danielle Zimmerman

December 20, 2015

Hypable’s Hype Podcast tackles Star Wars: The Force Awakens our panel of (mostly) superfans break down the huge developments, share our theories and reactions, and discuss the Star Wars fandom at large. Beware of SPOILERS for the movie!

– Who we are, how we became Star Wars fans
– What were our expectations for The Force Awakens? Were we happy or disappointed with the movie?
– Michal doesn’t think enough people are traumatized by what happened. J.J. Abrams, how could you?!
– Is Kylo Ren a believable villain?
– We didn’t think enough weight was put on the Han/Leia relationship
– We all love Rey! Obviously.
– We also love Finn, and Donya will tell you why he’s awesome
– …So back to Rey: Is she Luke’s daughter or not?
– Could she possibly be Han and Leia’s daughter? Or Captain Phasma’s?!?!
– Crack theory: Is Luke on EARTH? That would make an Avengers crossover possible, wink wink
– Our theories for Episode VIII: Will Kylo Ren be full-on evil? Will there be more Phasma? What about Finn and Poe’s epic friendship?
– Poor Chewie! What will he do next?
– Was there anything we didn’t love as much? (Hint: Not enough Captain Phasma)
– Fun cameos and things we noticed
– Listener feedback: #ReyIsMyBae
– We all fail as Harry Potter fans, can’t remember Priori Incantatem.
– Predictions: What is Episode VIII gonna be called? Our top pick is “Chewie Strikes Back.”

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