Hype Podcast

Episode #78 – Beyond Ridiculous

Hosted by Selina Wilken, Tariq Kyle, Kristen Kranz, Karen Rought

December 17, 2015

It’s everything NOT The Force Awakens on this week’s episode of Hype: We catch up on Fantastic Beasts, Star Trek, X-Men, The 100, Maze Runner and much more.

How We Hype:
– Kyle attended the Shannara Chronicles premiere and had a great time
– Kristen warmly recommends The Good Dinosaur, and talks a little about her experience watching Buffy for the first time (ICYMI: our ReWatchable podcast just started a Buffy rewatch!)
– Karen read a book! It’s called Da Vinci’s Tiger and it sounds amazing.

– So many trailers. We start off with a little thing called Fantastic Beasts!
– We’re not as skeptical of Star Trek: Beyond as the Internet at large seems to be
– Karen is stoked for Independence Day 2
– Then there’s the X-Men: Apocalypse trailer…
– …And also Legend of Tarzan
– AND the international Civil War trailer, which is really just Karen’s excuse to gush about Tony Stark
– We spend some time talking about the marvel that is The 100 fandom, and dissect the new season 3 trailer. #TeamBellamy
– There’s a new Sherlock Christmas special trailer, but we’re not convinced going AU is a good call
– MTV orders some exciting new comedies
– The Xena reboot picks up Javier Grillo-Marxuach, which is good news
– We recap the Golden Globes nominations and share our predictions
– The Maze Runner prequel has a release date, and the synopsis is epic
– The most popular Tumblr topics of 2015 are… interesting.

Our TV Show of the Week are Survivor, Casual, and Into the Badlands. We round off he show with How We Hype and Listener Feedback as always.

Don’t forget to send in your feedback for our Star Wars: The Force Awakens Special, which records this Saturday!

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