Hype Podcast

Episode #76 – 50 Shades of Batman

Hosted by Selina Wilken, Marama Whyte, Pamela Gocobachi

December 2, 2015

Will Peter Jackson make a Silmarillion movie? Will DC amp up the sexual tension between Batman and Superman? Will George Lucas ever admit that Han shot first? These are some of the questions we pose on Hype 76!

How We Hype:
– Pam mini-reviews Seth Rogen’s holiday movie The Night Before
– Marama and Selina geek out over the Buffy movie — and we’ve got a big announcement!

Lin Manuel Miranda wrote Star Wars: The Force Awakens cantina music!!1one
– #HanShotFirst, end of discussion (looking at you George Lucas)
Batman v Superman teaser? More like Batman v Christian Grey (thanks Donya)
– JLaw to make her directing debut, yay
– The Russos are amazing, and their Civil War trailer commentary is a MUST-read
– Stay tuned for for Bucky tangent
– Peter Jackson will direct a Doctor Who episode… will it be in three parts?
Supergirl has been picked up for full season! Let’s hope it improves
– Yeah, that viral Fish the Dog story? That’s a The 100 fanfic. Thanks for making Selina’s day, Internet
– Pam is excited about Outlander season 2
– Serious discussion time: Can/should J.K. Rowling’s tweets actually influence the book series?

TV Show of the Week:
– Pam has a lot of feelings about The Walking Dead mid-season finale, and the addition of Jeffrey Dean Morgan
– Marama’s seen all of Jessica Jones and she loves it! (No spoilers.)

Our How We Hype segment features great articles on Hypable including Michal’s Jeph Loep interview, and Caitlin’s great Supergirl vs (except not) Jessica Jones article! Thanks to the many listeners who sent in feedback including Kate/Kili, Stephanie, Carlos, The Lady Ash, Maj Elisabeth, Sara, Caroline, and Janeth!

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