Glee Chat Podcast

Episode #63 – Family Photo

Hosted by Jessica Chapman, Mitchel Clow, Roxanne Clark, and Natalie Fisher

July 9, 2013

Glee Chat is back to discuss all of the latest season 5 news! Jess hosts in this special hiatus episode with Natalie, Mitch and Roxanne.

-Note: this is episode 63; Mitch goofed in the show’s googledoc, which is why Jess said “episode 62.”

-What’ve the hosts been up to since May? Mitch and Roxanne are together in person after he moved to SoCal!

-Mercedes, Brittany, Puck, Quinn, and Mike won’t return as season regulars. Who’s leaving will affect the show the most?

-Will the new season regulars be able to hold Glee together?

-Jane Lynch is on Broadway; Natalie says that she’d rather her be there as opposed to Glee.

-Dot Marie Jones is concerned that she might not come back, but we think she will.

Glee will return to it’s 9 pm slot. Natalie isn’t happy about this.

-Lea Michelle tweets out the first look at season 5 with a “family photo.”

-Should Klaine get married? We think that neither of them are ready, amongst other things.

-Four new characters are being added into season 5. This is backtracking.

-Will Ryder forgive Unique? Will Rachel get the big role in Funny Girl? How will Finn be re-introduced?

-We agree that Rachel is the only character that Glee could not survive without.

-We’ll be recording at least one more episode before Glee season 5 starts.

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