Glee Chat Podcast

Episode #59 – Lockdown

Hosted by John Thrasher, Roxanne Clark, Mitch Clow

April 15, 2013

This week John and Mitch join Roxanne, who returns from a brief hiatus, to rehash some of the most dramatic Glee news yet as well as maybe the most dramatic Glee episode yet, “Shooting Star.”

There’s a lot to talk about in this 2 hour show, including Roxanne’s recounting of when she was held in lockdown at Cal State Fullerton just a few months ago. Here’s what you’ll get in episode 59:

– We welcome Roxanne back to the show!
– We chat about Cory Monteith checking in to rehab
– What will Cory’s absence from Glee mean for Finn?
– We talk about Heather Morris being pregnant and what it means for Brittany’s character
– There’s still no word on season 5 of Glee and it may have to due with Ryan Murphy leaving
– Chris Colfer’s new book has a title, release date and cover – we may review it
– We rehash 4×18 “Shooting Star,” Roxanne knew nothing about the plot going in
– We’re bored with Brittany and Sam
– Why didn’t Marissa freak out about someone stealing her identity?
– We applaud the actors in the very emotional lockdown scene
– Roxanne tells us about being in lockdown during a potential school shooting at her college
– We debate what it means to use Becky’s character as the person who brings the gun to school: does it mean she can get off the hook?
– Is Sue really leaving for good?
– We narrow Ryder’s catfish down to 2 people

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